Is my daughter supposed to lose all her skills when I marry her off?

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So I've been waiting for a marriage proposal for my first-born daughter from someone in the same kingdom, so I've ranked her skills up a little bit, but I just checked the encyclopaedia and now she only has riding and polearm skill. Bow skill was 44. Gone. Steward was 6. Gone. One handed was 54. Gone. In terms of her weapons, I modelled her after a Khan's Guard, so glaive and bow with two quivers of arrows, so her bow skill disappearing is stupid as hell. Have the devs said this is meant to happen or is this just another reason this game was not near ready for full release?

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I think the encyclopedia only shows skills that are above a certain level. That's probably why they aren't showing up


Yeah I think that's it. Below certain combat levels they will also show up in the encyclopedia in their civilian attire instead of combat gear but they do still have that stuff.
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