Is Anyone Starting a New Playthrough for 1.6.4 ?

Starting a new playthrough for 1.6.4 ?

  • Time to saddle up and mount Old Martha ! ( my horse ) - let's go!

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  • Nope. The old girl needs rest. Need more to change first.

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Sergeant Knight
I think I am still going to hold off and wait.

I think I'm waiting for the first iterations of the battle terrain system. What about you?


Master Knight
I think the last time I played was somewhere around 1.5.9 or earlier. I do not think enough changed for me to return quite yet. Also it's a pain in the ass to wait for mods to update and to get them working again.


I start new games so yeah every update it's a new game for me i start new games often I never end them it's how I've always played even in warband


Sergeant at Arms
I probably will start one. I enjoy the early-mid game the most anyway, so I never get to the later stages of a campaign

Lucius Confucius

I've been waiting for the peerage system. It was a feature that I and many others requested, so it's good that they added it. Don't know if they were going to add it all along or if our threads about it helped.

Anyway, looking forward to making my companion Empire.

Will only play when it reaches the stable branch, though.

Ser Jon

After 1.6.1, I've decided not to launch the game for a good long while. It was a massive disappointment and it isn't worth losing the mods that make the game enjoyable to see thousands of new bugs, performance issues again and a pinch of "new content". I'll wait until 2.x.x at this point...

Mad Vader

I'll wait until 2.x.x at this point...
WQho is the old girl steve
Not cool to mess with that nurse, these people are real.


Sergeant Knight
I had stopped since 1.5.something waiting for new content, started a new save in 1.6.3 and i've been having fun (with many mods of course).

Won't update for now, what for? the peerage system looks cool (one by one we are atleast getting our warband features back) but 1.6.3 already has AI bugs that went to the "stable" build and by reports 1.6.4 has even more bugs...


I cant wait to promote my clannies to some whack ass named **** and steamroll them horse ****ers

100% fresh start
100% Smith Exploiting
100% 100%ing Kingdom Rush by starting an early war with the Stoogies as a Lvl 1, Lvl 2, clan and plucking off their low lords as they fight wars with actual nations. Hopefully steal a Revolted FEEEEEEIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIFFFFFFFFFFFF



I probably will start one. I enjoy the early-mid game the most anyway, so I never get to the later stages of a campaign
Same, because at a point, once you've built economy, army, the game tends to be an infinite amount of battles till you convince most of the lords to join you, the war total conquest seeming to be unrealistic.
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