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I have learned recently about how some online communities have developed specific characters to denote irony. I feel something like this may be useful for this forum. Thankfully, there is an article on Wikipedia about this very topic! I am sharing the current page through edit history, so it wont change as the page updates.

Here are ideas from the page that I think would be best for these forums:
  1. Rhetorical questions in some informal situations can use a bracketed question mark, e.g., "Oh, really[?]". The equivalent for an ironic or sarcastic statement would be a bracketed exclamation mark, e.g., "Oh, really[!]".
  2. It is common in online conversation among some Internet users to use an XML closing tag: </sarcasm>. The tag is often written only after the sarcasm so as to momentarily trick the reader before admitting the joke.
  3. Another example is bracketing text with the symbol for the element iron (<Fe> and </Fe>) in order to denote irony.
  4. On the internet, it is common to see alternating uppercase and lowercase lettering to convey a mocking or sarcastic tone, often paired with an image of SpongeBob SquarePants acting like a chicken in the form of memes.[better source needed]
Which idea do you prefer? Do you have any other ideas? Share your ideas and I will add them to this first post.


5. After having written something sarcastic, the user might end the post or paragraph with the words "I'm being sarcastic".
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i hAvE LeArNeD ReCeNtLy aBoUt hOw sOmE OnLiNe cOmMuNiTiEs hAvE DeVeLoPeD SpEcIfIc cHaRaCtErS To dEnOtE IrOnY. i fEeL SoMeThInG LiKe tHiS MaY Be uSeFuL FoR ThIs fOrUm. ThAnKfUlLy, ThErE Is aN ArTiClE On wIkIpEdIa aBoUt tHiS VeRy tOpIc! I Am sHaRiNg tHe cUrReNt pAgE ThRoUgH EdIt hIsToRy, So iT WoNt cHaNgE As tHe pAgE UpDaTeS.

hErE ArE IdEaS FrOm tHe pAgE ThAt i tHiNk wOuLd bE BeSt fOr tHeSe fOrUmS:

  1. rHeToRiCaL QuEsTiOnS In sOmE InFoRmAl sItUaTiOnS CaN UsE A BrAcKeTeD QuEsTiOn mArK, e.g., "Oh, ReAlLy[?]". ThE EqUiVaLeNt fOr aN IrOnIc oR SaRcAsTiC StAtEmEnT WoUlD Be a bRaCkEtEd eXcLaMaTiOn mArK, e.g., "Oh, ReAlLy[!]".
  2. iT Is cOmMoN In oNlInE CoNvErSaTiOn aMoNg sOmE InTeRnEt uSeRs tO UsE An xMl cLoSiNg tAg: </SaRcAsM>. ThE TaG Is oFtEn wRiTtEn oNlY AfTeR ThE SaRcAsM So aS To mOmEnTaRiLy tRiCk tHe rEaDeR BeFoRe aDmItTiNg tHe jOkE.
  3. aNoThEr eXaMpLe iS BrAcKeTiNg tExT WiTh tHe sYmBoL FoR ThE ElEmEnT IrOn (<fE> aNd </fE>) In oRdEr tO DeNoTe iRoNy.
  4. oN ThE InTeRnEt, It iS CoMmOn tO SeE AlTeRnAtInG UpPeRcAsE AnD LoWeRcAsE LeTtErInG To cOnVeY A MoCkInG Or sArCaStIc tOnE, oFtEn pAiReD WiTh aN ImAgE Of sPoNgEbOb sQuArEpAnTs aCtInG LiKe a cHiCkEn iN ThE FoRm oF MeMeS.[bEtTeR SoUrCe nEeDeD]
wHiCh iDeA Do yOu pReFeR? dO YoU HaVe aNy oThEr iDeAs? ShArE YoUr iDeAs aNd i wIlL AdD ThEm tO ThIs fIrSt pOsT.

tHiS Is sErIoUs.



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5. After having written something sarcastic, the user might end the post or paragraph with the words "I'm being sarcastic".

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There are times when Densetsu posts exactly the right thing at exactly the right time. This is one of those times.


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We used to occasionally use comic sans here for that purpose, but I don't think you can with this new software.

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Irony doesn't require any kind of tone or special signalling to convey. If the irony isn't self evident, then it's not very ironic.