Installing & Using Mods (Titanx3)

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Installing a Mod:

If you want to install a mod, it is quite easy, and much better then most games.

First, you need to check out the Modding forum to find mods that you might want to install. Then its a good idea to read the Mod list. The mod list contains all mods that are being made, and that have been made.

Downloading the mod

Most mods are hosted on the Mount&Blade Unofficial File Repository However you can usually find a download link in first post in the mods own topic, or if it has a sub-board, then there should be a topic for the download.

When then mod is downloaded, 2 things might happen.

1) there is a installer. this install will unzip the file to your default mount and blade modules file. if you changed it, then you will be given the chance to change where it unzips to during the installer.

2) it is a zipped file in ZIP, RAR, or 7Z format. you will need to manually unzip it (usually done by right click, extract to..., then select file) to the Mount&Blade Modules directory. By default the path to this target directory is "C:\Program Files\Mount&Blade\Modules".
If it is a RAR or 7Z format file and/or you can't find a way to extract it, you can download a copy of 7-Zip in order to extract such files.

After you have unzipped the mod to its location, run mount and blade as normal. at the opening screen, click the bar at the top, and select the mod that you installed, and then click play. Note that the normal game is displayed as Native. Now you are ready to play the mod!


1) I cant find my save from the first games i played?

This is because saved games dont transfer from mod to mod, you will have to start again, or use the Character Export System. (In the game, go to your character screen and click Statistics.)

2) My mod doesnt seem to work.

Its possible that you downloaded a version of the mod that isnt compatible with the version of mount and blade that you have installed. check that your mount and blade version is up to date, and that you have the latest version of the mod.

3) Help, I have the Error "Cannot play with more then more than 32 samples per sound"! What do i do?

You are running a mod that isnt compatable with your version of mount and blade. Check you have the latest version of Mount and Blade, and the latest version of the mod. If it still doesnt work, check that that mod works with the latest version of mount and blade (some have not beed updated), and if you are still having problems please post in that mods thread

If you have any kind of problem getting a Mod up and running, please post in the Mod's own thread or board, not the Apothecary
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