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Dear Community members,

welcome to Impulse Servers. We have seen the horrendous prices of proper Bannerlord Servers and as we love the Mount & Blade Series we want to provide high quality servers for the lowest prices possible and with the best support possible. Of course we also offer many other games aswell, with the same goal, to provide high quality for low costs.

After you‘ve found your ideal deal, you give us a confirmation and you will get a panel for your own servers. Then you can either choose to do everything by yourself, or we can help you to set everything up, according to your wishes.
With said console you can upload any maps and mods you wish, or you simply forward them to us, so we can take care of it.

Additionally we provide a special service for tournament/event hosts which allows you to be more flexible and also reduces work effort and costs. Feel free to contact us for further informations.

We hope to help the community as much as we can which is why we may suggest you to take a look at our referral program. That means if you refer a friend that orders a server you will receive 1 free month.

Server Locations

Frankfurt - Germany
Strasbourg - France

For more information on our special services, support or anything else feel free to contact us via PM, join our website or one of the following:

Website: Impulseservers Website
E-Mail: [email protected]
Discord: darktemplar_
Steam: DarkTemplar

General prices for Bannerlord:

50 Slots - 15€
100 Slots - 21€
200 Slots - 26€

5% Off
if you order 3 months.
10% Off if you order 12 months

For other games feel free to reach out to us.

Note: At the moment we are only able to accept payments via PayPal and credit card.
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good luck

what might be relevant to many people for a game like bannerlord: whats your modding policy? Can people upload their own maps, their own mods?
also - do you not have a website?
Thank you for the feedback, we will put this in

As there is a panel with everything accessable you can upload mods and maps by yourself or provide them to us and we can do it

Website not up yet, obv planned but not finished yet
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