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  1. ImpulseServers

    Impulse Server Hosting [EU] - High Quality & Low Prices [Server provider for BNLS3]

    Dear Community members, welcome to Impulse Servers. We have seen the horrendous prices of proper Bannerlord Servers and as we love the Mount & Blade Series we want to provide high quality servers for the lowest prices possible and with the best support possible. Of course we also offer many...
  2. Oosten

    Are dedicated Servers still planned for full release?

    Hello! I'm just wondering if there have been any update on the release of dedicated server files. I had asked on launce day of the beta and was told by the devs that they would available with the full release of the game within a year. Its been almost 2 years now. Thanks!
  3. Willem

    Open a

  4. ChristopherR

    [NA] West Coast Servers

    Though I am East-Coast, quite a few of my friends and acquaintances are located in the West Coast and are required to play on East-Coast servers which gives them relatively bad ping. I feel that later down the road when multiplayer has an influx of active players it would make sense to add...
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