1. ImpulseServers

    Impulse Server Hosting [EU] - High Quality & Low Prices [Server provider for BNLS3]

    Dear Community members, welcome to Impulse Servers. We have seen the horrendous prices of proper Bannerlord Servers and as we love the Mount & Blade Series we want to provide high quality servers for the lowest prices possible and with the best support possible. Of course we also offer many...
  2. Warband servers ps4 ps5 gone

    Can you please bring back the warband servers since they are down, everyone has this problem so it's not just my game.
  3. How do you manage your servers ?

    Hello guys, I think your servers system is broken. Full Siege just crashed and new servers are duel and team deathmatch. Wtf ? Do you plan anything to fix it ? And can you justify why you won't do it ? Thx, Not tancfire
  4. MP Add more EU servers. (Xbox Multiplayer)

    You soemtimes have to wait 30 minutes to have a EU sever to pop up...its annoying. There are always East NA and West NA servers aviable for every mode but no EU even though there are as much as EU players as American, if not even more...
  5. Sikkimoto

    please bring back filter options

    Since matchmaking is dead, finding a suitable server is the way to play multiplayer. But for some reason, Bannerlord server filters are a downgrade compared to all it's predecessors. I can not filter by ping. Why? I can not filter by gamemode. Why? I can not save favorite servers. Why? Pls...
  6. MP When we gonna have LATAM servers?

    Hi, im from Argentina, i want to kow when we gonna have LATAM servers. Close the warband servers and open it on BANNERLORD please. Every single person who plays this game in LATAM is waiting to left waraband behind and start BANNERLORD MULTIPLAYER.
  7. Farticle

    MP Randomize the Teams When a Server Starts

    Every server defaults to Vlandia versus Sturgia. Balance issues aside this has gotten incredibly stale. With the consistent server crashing every 1-3 games it gets unbearable.
  8. Ironkills29

    Resolved Multiplayer

    Hi there is actually one siege map and one tdm map is this normal ? are you going to add clan tab or at least clan tag for clan battle in the future ? Is there going to be admin on console to make private game for clan battle ? Any plans to push players limits to a 100 like you did in warband...
  9. All NA servers disappeared

    All NA servers seem to have disappeared for both east and west. Thankfully we still have the GK servers up to get us through the weekend, but wtf.
  10. Danijongo

    Where's everyone? What am I missing?

    So at any given time via steam hubs/stats you can see Bannerlord as a whole has about 13,000 players on average concurrently. At the same time It's practically impossible to find a game on multiplayer, ignoring the occasional 30-50 players spread apart between two servers at the custom...
  11. In Progress EU servers

    Summary: EU servers are crashing way too often, it's been quite a while.
  12. What happened to NA East servers?

    75% of the dwindling NA playerbase plays on East NA servers, which have been down since yesterday. Any word on why they're down and when they'll be back?
  13. gunnerr

    no eu servers on ps4

    there have been no eu servers for the past 3 days. not sure if its a bug, maintenance or whatever would just like to know what's happening and when they'll be back.
  14. Arctanas

    OC Battle servers rarely up, Siege gone completely, refresh/lobby simulator. Please let us play your game...

    We started originally with 3-4 OC servers that rotated fairly consistently between game modes with generally not too long downtime between Battle matches, but over the last couple weeks something has gone wrong with the servers, it's rare that we get to play Battle, the game mode we've all been...
  15. Valarr

    pls give private servers

    I am once again asking nicely for private servers. I will include a "please" if that will speed the process up. Does Taleworlds not realize if they just give us this then their game wouldn't be dead? audible sigh ps. this is super cringe @TaleWorlds
  16. Goyyyio

    The South American issue and a pledge for Custom Servers

    First of all, let me say that the game has been incredibly playable now, the performance updates have been amazing and the game has never run so well on my computer, props to that. The reason I say playable, its because even after two years, the NA servers still crash (even with 16 people...
  17. In Progress Multiplayer: Quality Of Servers

    Greetings, I am posting this thread in regard to the quality of the servers that came with the Quick Search Time fix from 14.01.2022. This will only appy to the captain mode servers because that is all I have tested. For clarification what makes me certain that the problem is not on my end, the...
  18. Orion closes dissatisfaction survey -- proving the fragility and inability of the developer team

    Recently I had a poll up on whether members of the development team should be dismissed due to their incompetence. About half of the community voted yes. Orion shut down the thread, threatening "don't do this again". Pretty sad response... We should be able to have open discussion on the site...
  19. Need More Info EU Skirmish servers are laggy

    High packet loss kills all the fun
  20. ChristopherR

    East Coast VS West Coast Servers (NA)

    Anyone living outside of the continent of North America is not permitted to have an opinion. East Coast, ah yes. The lifeblood of competitive. Where would we be without really good ping? Well, there's always West Coast Servers. Now, why are those a thing you might ask, and the answer is very...
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