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In a nutshell, what I suggest is to replace the large clans in the game with Dynasties, and then apply the term 'Clans' to a smaller group of nobles limited to a single holding. The idea is split into a few key aspects, which I'll describe in detail.

To give an example of this organization, we'll use the dey Meroc family (the ruling family of Vlandia at the start of the game). The dey Merocs, as of my current playthrough, have 8 members. They are Derthert (The titular King of Vlandia), Romund, Erdurand, Alary, Morcon, Amorcon, Philenora, and Ingunde. The royal family also has three key holdings, in the form of Sargot, Galend, and Talivel Castle.

Presently, Derthert is the head of the clan, making him sole proprietor over the clan's holdings and relations. No one else gets a say and they're only really around to lead armies and protect the King's turf.

Under the proposed system, the dey Merocs would be a Dynasty, and each landholding member would be the head of a Clan within the Dynasty, assigning importance to more lords and allowing for a bit more diversity in familial relations.

Let's say, for instance, that it breaks down to:
-Derthert's clan owns Sargot, the Dynasty's 'capital'
-Romund's clan owns Galend
-Erdurand's clan owns Talivel Castle

Depending on in-game familial relation, the other lords and ladies would reside squarely within one of these three clans. Should a clan head expire, one of their clan members takes the lead and inherits their land.

Clan Creation
It's happened, an entire clan has been wiped out! Romund couldn't cut it, and neither could his close family members. In a case like this, the game actually has a really neat existing system that could help. Currently, not all members of a noble family can field armies. Clans are limited based on their tiers, and so a number of army-leading highborn are called 'vassals', while there are also homebound highborn known simply as 'nobles'. In the case of a clan getting minced, one of these 'nobles' would be installed as the head of a new clan to govern the settlement.

So, let's say that old Derthert heard of Romund's family dying. Obviously, this presents an issue. Peasants can't be trodden underfoot if no nobles are present to stomp on them! So, he dispatches Morcon, his second-born, to take over Galend and establish a new clan!

Social Mobility
It seems that the dey Meroc family is woefully cursed! Each and every member of their once resplendent Dynasty is now dead and buried! What is to be done? The answer to that is simple, find the next in line and plant them squarely in control! Ingalther of the dey Cortain, a tier-5 clan, is the logical choice. He's got money, power, and the biggest army. It's official, the dey Cortains are the new ruling dynasty and the first order of business is now "What the hell do we do about Sargot, Galend, and Talivel?"

On one hand, the dey Cortains can't be seen seizing free lands, that would be tyranny! On the other hand, they don't want any of those OTHER conniving Vlandian highborn bastards getting them either! So, they'll create three -new- clans by elevating local notables from each settlements. Each clan is without a Dynasty, instead falling under the influence of the ruling Dynasty (but, importantly, not joining them).

Dynastic Expansion
Now for another feature of Dynasties, their expansion! Now, let's say that Vlandia's woes subside, and they end up taking some territory from those snide Imperial fops to their east. Thractorae Castle, having been occupied by the lovable scamps that comprise Vlandia's armies, is notably missing a lord. The new King of Vlandia decides that the dey Butter family, the newly raised owners of Sargot, are the logical choice for ownership. He grants them the fief, and the clan is elevated to a Dynasty. Now, one clan owns Sargot, and a new clan owns Thractorae Castle, but both fiefs are squarely under the control of the dey Butters!

Dynastic Schisms and Revolts
We reach our final feature, the big break-up. Dynasties wouldn't just be compartmentalized clans, but rather complex groups where the heads of each family unit make their own decisions and have their own relations with those around them. If a clan leader HATES their Dynastic head then they might just decide to create some problems for the Dynasty as a whole, and internally revolt.

The result is a fight between the Dynasty's ruling clan and the Dynasty's revolting clan. The conflict would usually be short, decided primarily by victories in the field or the seizing of one clan's settlement for a fixed period of time. Should the conflict drag on, things will escalate within the kingdom as a whole. This is represented in two phases:
-Minor Dynastic Revolt: A clan within the Dynasty challenges the ruling clan, and the two duke it out
-Dynastic Schism: The remaining clans within the quarreling Dynasty pick a side based on relations. In this phase, the Kingdom ruler might just decide to declare one side as rebels, and put the conflict to rest by force.

Should a Dynastic Schism not be resolved in a certain timeframe, the result will be the breaking in two of the quarreling Dynasty. The clans that supported the ruling clan go into one new Dynasty, and the revolting clans go into the other. Peace is declared, the two new Dynasties hate one another, and the sun sets over the lands of Calradia!

There's plenty of room for further escalation, but I wanted to keep things on-topic with the idea of Dynasties. I look forward to seeing people's thoughts on this!


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I would love such a feature! Dynasties could be unlocked clan tier 4. Even as a vassal clan, your dynasty sub-clans would be your vassals. Creating them gives a clan with tier 1, named after it´s first head. "dey Meroc-Romund" His wife and children follow into the clan.

The prereq for any such feature is having personal relations rather than clan-relations.
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