Hype Video Competition (Completed. Results inside)

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Congratz to the winners

and thanks to everyone who took the time and trouble to make a vid, the variety of approach and style was amazing and they are all of such great quality.  I really enjoyed watching each of them and hope to see more vids from everyone.

As a judge I found it extremely difficult to rank the videos, as they each exemplified different things and each included details that made them special, there was very little space between the ranks for me and I actually changed my list several times when I watched teh vids over.  I saw Drew's rankings also so I know we had very different ideas about the order of ranking and I expect all the judges found it as difficult to separate the vids.

Just want to say that Drew is an amazing person who always finds time to help out and he is also a fan of M&B (sp) he said 'Very cool to see such a thriving and passionate community coming together'.

Also thanks to Osiris for the idea and running this comp - GJ :smile:
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