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How to i change the graphics of a weapon?

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When I finally was able to grab the 2 handed ruby sword I was dissapointed with it's appearance. I found some other graphics on the net (addonays). Is there
some guide or is anyone willing to give me som advice on how to import those graphics for the sword?

I attempted it myself by extracting the textures and resource files into pendor and then editing the items file but when the game loaded the items file there was an error.


i would advise to stop by the The Forge, a lot more help there

in any case, you will need to make your own textures and adapt it to the game, not something easily done, but not very hard either

if u want to simply replace the looks with something already ingame, use Morgh's tool, where u can edit the items u want, i made my noldor reinforced armor look like an eventide armor, pretty cool imho
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