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Vincenzo said:
Yes, I copied this over from the warband Server guide that I made back then, where the binary by default points to the "native" module folder.
The wfas binary for some reason still points by default to this native module folder even if it does not exist, thus not finding any module files.
Using the -m switch pointing it to the correct module fixes that, although a linux user could have found that out by just checking out what the bat file did.. :razz:

fixed the manual nontheless.

Ah cheers!

Sorry for acting all pissy, it's just I spend a good few hours thinking I had screwed up Wine :razz: So much reinstallations.  :sad:

And asking on the M&B forums how to pirate M&B? Really? Barcagio?

Not possible nova.

Rude Dekar said:
First of all i want to thank you Vincenzo for this guide and your support. :smile:

I have managed to set up my own  Server and i love it .
Unfortunatly i got some problems and coundnt find an answer for myself so i need to bother you alittle.

First issue:
I cant see my dedicated server on the inet list but other people can see it.

Second issue:
After some people join my server and i leave it, i cant reconnect to my own dedicated server.
Error message: "connection to server lost"
I know that my friends are playing on it and its still up plus i got a nice 0.79 Mbit upload so i dont know what the problem might be.

// Edit
Now i get kicked anytime i wanna join my own server. *trying to fix that somehow*

Is there some admin panel i can accsess my server admin password in game? so i could kick or ban or change map?

Sry if this are just beginner questions but i tried to figuer this out by my self and really could use some help.

Thx allot :smile:
yes you can, set_pass_admin ADMINPASS
Hey, I did everything you said everything runs fine. Although no-one can see my server on the internet list, also it doesn't give me the option too Add to Official Server List.
IDK said:
Hey, I did everything you said everything runs fine. Although no-one can see my server on the internet list, also it doesn't give me the option too Add to Official Server List.
While running the server software (important) go to a port checker and check if the M&B port is reachable from outsite.
FYI, the first downloadlink on the Taleworlds site links to a download of a .zip callen '', but it's 0kb big, so I think it's broken.
So I finally got this to work.

I had the same issue as most here where it shows up on LAN and not INTERNET.

The solution was PORT TRIGGERING!!

set this up the same as port forwarding but use triggering instead. Easy as pie.  :grin:
What port to use for port triggering and for opening as well, i cant see my server and my buddy too, only in LAN but cant connect.

There are 2 ports in .txt first for server and the second for steam which one??
I am having an issue making a server on Ubuntu. I have followed the tutorial, but when I type in the command to start the server I get a few errors that says "Failed to get primary CRTC info." and says that the command is invalid.

Does this say any of you anything of what the problem I have might be?
***UPDATE*** I think I worked it out, thanks so much for the guide, I never would have done it without it***

Hi ? thanks for the detailed instructions, but I'm having a problem with the Windows server. Every time I try to run it, it comes up with an error *module/native sound not found* and crashes. Does anyone know how to fix it? EDIT: just realised that the answer to my problem is sort of here... the -m command to point it to the right place... but what place is the right place and where do I edit the commands? Sorry, I'm setting this up for a friend and I'm not familiar with the game at all.
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