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Home of the Brave (A War of 1812 mod) *RECRUITING ALL POSITIONS!*

Should I implement the Iron Sights mod?

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Home of the Brave (A war of 1812 mod)

Americans are not a perfect people, but we are called to a perfect mission- Andrew Jackson

I've decided to re-open development of this mod due to the fact that I feel that I was being just like all the other mod teams and coming up with a great idea then just abandoning it. I decided to pick this specific war because I love MM but I've always wanted to play as an American in a early 19th century musket and artillery setting and the MM team was quite clear in stating that they have no plans to add America so I figured I would just take it into my own hands. I lost most of my old models but they were ****e anyway, I can make them 100x better nowadays. So if you'd like to help you'd be more than welcome, if you would just like to show your support I'll have signatures made soon unless you would like to make some for me (Which would be greatly appreciated and save me a lot of time!)

Planned features
-Crouching (I'm really putting priority on finding a way to move while crouched)
-Multiple types of artillery weaponry ranging from cannons, to mortars, to rockets and more.
-Realistic weapon damage, speed, and accuracy.
-The more time you take to aim the more accurate the shot will be although leaving you vulnerable and if you move the reticule goes back to normal.
-New models and animations for moving, shooting, reloading, crouching
-A pirate class in honor of their service at New Orleans
-A "fix bayonets" animation for muskets so that you can get the accuracy you need when firing but still have a deadly melee weapon
-Ship battles (A priority for me because the Battle of Lake Erie was fought almost literally in my back yard)

Johnny Horton- The Battle of New Orleans
British Grenadiers
7th Cavalry March
Yankee Doodle
The Patriot soundtrack  :lol:

The plan for classes is basically for a player to join the game, pick a faction then choose a "Class", IE- Infantry, Militia, etc. Then the player can select their uniform, the basis will be same but with slight variances in different regiment uniforms. but weapons will be randomized simply to keep a sort of balance.  Also if I can implement naval battles (Which will be a priority for me) then I will add a Sailor class for each faction. Only sailors can operate boats and it will take more than one to operate a ship but ships will have cannons.

-Line Infantry
-Light Dragoon

-Line Infantry

Weapon List
Finished/Model needs texturing/Not made yet

-Kentucky/Pennsylvania Long Rifle
-US Springfield 1795 Musket
-Bowie knives, scalping knives
-(If sailors are added) Sea Service Musket

I'll keep you updated as much as possible as far as the progress of the mod, what can and can't be done. If anyone can help I'd REALLY appreciate it as I'm really only in the early planning stages. I'm not going to rush this, first I'll have to hash out what we can and can't do, etc. Do some historical research and then work on the actual meat of the mod, models, animations, etc.

Springfield 1795 Musket
Scalping Knife
Kentucky Long Rifle
Some American Shakos
This one is for you Sammac! Raccoon Cap

Positions available
*Modelers- WaffleBorn
*Map makers- Sammac
*Coders- Fkb, Pilawa
*Research- Viccard







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I plan for it to be largely multiplayer but I might throw in a single player, idk yet though like I said I'm still hashing out all of the details.


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Also as a reminder, anyone who can help would be appreciated dearly, all positions are open for recruiting except testers there obviously isn't anything to test :razz: I can do some pretty good modeling myself but it'd be nice to have a team plus I'm still trying to learn texturing (to little avail)
I'm a weapons modeller who has just recently learn't how to make guns, here is what i'm working on so far:

Now don't be thrown off by the fact that i have only just learn't how to make guns because i learn very quickly once i get the hang of it,albeit my models won't look anywhere near as nice as the other experienced modellers but they do the job.

p.s I can also make swords(not the ones with the fancy guards,still learning how to make those).


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Yeah, I myself have only made 2 guns and those were for the civil war mod that is under development but I got the hang of it pretty quickly.
Well does that mean i'm hired or not?, if i am don't expect me to produce something within a week because i have my college life to work on as well.


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KenWu77 said:
ah man if you add ship to ship combat OMG  :shock:
Ikr! lol my idea is basically for ships to be operated like in PW mod but they'll be bigger and have operational cannons on the decks. If possible it'd be cool in my opinion if the masts could be like a separate destructible object so that if you destroy them the ship can't be moved but that might be hard ass coding lol. Also it'd be pretty tits if we could make a lower deck on the ships for more cannons O-O and captains cabins are a must have XD but there will for sure be a little window for anyone that wants to try that ultra-lucky shot :razz:


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If Mongoose makes a Mod it has to be awsome! :cool:

although im busy give me the outline plan for a map and il see what i can do about it, I'd love to help you

And im quite sure that Kitsune would tell you that Americans cant aim and that you should give them shotguns instead.

i dont see why colonial militia would be more accurate than british troops :/
Right, i found a weapon to start on:

It's the 1795 Model Springfield Infantry Musket,I'll try and find some time to start work on it.


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sammac said:
If Mongoose makes a Mod it has to be awsome! :cool:

although im busy give me the outline plan for a map and il see what i can do about it, I'd love to help you

And im quite sure that Kitsune would tell you that Americans cant aim and that you should give them shotguns instead.

i dont see why colonial militia would be more accurate than british troops :/
Because man militia would have been former woodsmen and mountaineers used to shooting game from long distance plus they get the kentucky long rifle :razz: and if I can make it work Pirates will have blunderbusses :twisted:
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