SP Medieval Fantasy (Game of Thrones) A World of Ice and Fire (v8.1 released 7/3/22)

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Hurleur said:
Sadly some sigil will not fit to the heraldic item in game , they are way too big. All the work after Targ is useless.

Already noted, thanks Huleur and being corrected.



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interesting. So what would make his mod better then the other game of thrones mod?  :wink:

And I'd love to see the list of factions. Are they all going to be included? Oh and are you using the ideas for the books, or the series?


produno said:
Some updates of the map. :smile:

Lookin' good Produno! Keep it up man! Please!  :razz:

How will the water travelling work? Like a clash of kings? Or more freedom and not as restricted?


I have no modding skills whatsoever  :cry: But i've read all the books and would be very glad to help with researching/dialogue etc! I'm actually watching Game of Thrones now :razz:

EDIT: I'm sure i can help with some texturing aswell.


I think this is an awesome idea! Brytenwalda is the ideal platform to base off of.
Looks great so far
Best of luck.


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Brytenwalda is the best mod out there and a great base for a mod! I love Game of Thrones (have only seen the series so far) and am really looking forward to this! Good luck! When I am getting better at modding I might be able to help you.

And just ignore the naysayers. People have so often told me that I have no experience and that I am not able to do this and that because of the lack if it. Despite that I tried and succeeded and in most cases in a way, which surpassed all those "experienced" naysayers.

Kind regards,


In my opinion Dothraki shouldn't because they don't have a Lord or King but different Khalasars roaming around Essos. They don't either have the siege equipment to take fiefs from the others of the free cities. And if they would then conquer Essos how lore breaking wouldn't it be if they sailed across the Narrow sea?  :idea: Just wanna my voice my opinion  :cool:


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You can always have Dothrakis as roaming bandit parties located in Essos, that way they wouldn't besiege any castles or stray far ahead from where they are supposed to be. Furthermore Prophecy of Pendor has a sweet feature where bandit factions unite together forming armies, that way you could have Khalassars on this mod. Just some thoughts. Best of luck.


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50% with 50% after my vote... Anyway, they should be in. You should give the player possibilty to roam parts of Essos near the Narrow Sea.


And how did you plan to keep the lore without it breaking when the dothraki conquers the free citys and crosses the narrow sea? Wouldn't that break the immersion for you? "Dothraki do not trust salt water because their horses cannot drink it. They do not sail and are not considered a threat by the Westerosi because they will not cross the Narrow Sea." Taken directly from the wiki.


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Ithilien5 said:
And how did you plan to keep the lore without it breaking when the dothraki conquers the free citys and crosses the narrow sea? Wouldn't that break the immersion for you? "Dothraki do not trust salt water because their horses cannot drink it. They do not sail and are not considered a threat by the Westerosi because they will not cross the Narrow Sea." Taken directly from the wiki.

Its not always about following the book to the T.  A game is something people can play to create thier own version, do things how they would like but whilst living in the time and world created by george r. r. martin. 

Maybe thiers a way to stop a faction from using the sea until a scripted trigger (or even at all), ie you persuade them thiers nothing to fear from the water.  Or they can cross the sea but take huge moral losses. Something that could be looked into in the future.

Though playing a game is about giving the player free will. Letting them do what they want how they want, sure you should have concequences for doing certain things but i dont think it should be stopped altogether.  I like choices, choices keep me interested and make it feel less of a game but more real.

The question should be: How can we make the Dothraki a playable faction whilst keeping within the lore (within reason)?  If anyone has ideas then please share, though i want to hear ways of actually doing it within the mount and blade system.  Not just we could do .... , I want to hear how we can implememnt said idea. :smile:


Well it's quite the big deal to be honest. If not, perhaps seperate downloads? Cause right now it looks like 50% of the community likes the idea. But for the other 50 it's quite lore breaking... And i'll ask around to see if there is any scripts like that...


Hello Produno!

First of all good luck with your project! I will follow it with great interest for two main reason:

- I believe your approach to the creation is very innovative (although challenging).
- Brytenwalda is a great mod, so your mod is already better than many other out there.

I am quite confused about one point; somewhere in the thread you stated that you are not aiming to create a better Game of Thrones' mod. Wow, I really appreciate you modesty but I believe that your mod should have, at least, one area where it will excel. It will actually motivate your development team and attract both modders and players.

My humble (and unrequited :wink:) suggestion?
If I were you, I will try to make this mod the most logically correct as possible. Brytenwalda is so catchy because everything you find there makes sense. The equipment in the markets, the NPC you meet, troop's equipment, quests, are all related to the faction where you are playing. If I remember well, also the beautiful "the last days" for M&B has a similar concept.
Most mods are... well, rather messy, and even if they integrate beautiful armors, custom scenes etc. they give the impression to be Vanilla under steroids. Or plastic surgery.

Focusing on the coherence of the mod with the tv series (or the books if you believe enough people are familiar with them) will distinguish your mod from the others and allow people with low pc specs to enjoy it.
I also believe it will speed up the development. From what I have seen you already have a robust team of researchers and few modelers/texturers. Let the graphic guys focus on what really makes the difference. Do I need original armors for low tier troops? Do I really need customised scenes for villager and towns? My answer, maturated from my playing style, is no. Of course they are a plus (I remember Minas Tirith in the previously cited LOTR: TLD  :mrgreen:) but they tend to slow down the realisation too!

Finally a couple of questions:

- Alliance system, it would be quite disappointing if House Stark team up with (or stop fighting) the Lannisters. Don't you think?
- House Baratheon, same as before. I saw they actually own King's Landing, so the little blonde monster is not considered a Lannister :wink:. What if he reconsider his loyalty and attack his grandpa's fief? Not a good idea for gameplay imo...

That's it! If you fell like further discussing my point I'm glad to help. Looking forward for the next realisation!


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Hello, and thanks for taking the time to post. I appreciate your support!

I will try to answer some of your questions:

At the moment i am one person working alone, One of the 'other' mods has already had a full team of modders working on it for well over a year and have lots of content. Then ACOK's has also been in production much longer and its of no doubt Cozur is a very talented modder.  Though, all three mods are very different. I have played Cozurs and it has a very different feel compared to using the Brytenwalda mod as a basis, So i can guarantee they will be all different but which is better i think is upto the player to decide.

A logicaly correct mod is something im trying to aim for, as with Brytenwalda everything will have a purpose and will tie in with each other. I want people to feel part of the world and interact with it as such. Though this does mean alot of text has to be changed and will take time on my own. I have a busy lifestyle so this will be a slow process, one of the reasons i wanted to release the mod in sections and update it monthly.

I have no modelers or texturers working specifically on this mod. The items or textures i have at the moment is OSP.  Both my researchers have left me due to not having enough free time to help so i am left on my own again.

The alliance system will be tweaked, This has been done in TLD and i may have a word with MadVader to see if i can get some insight on this. Though this wont be done untill around V0.5.

The lannisters do in fact own Kings Landing ATM in my mod (unless ive made a mistake) and the 'little blonde monster' is also part of House Lannister.  I will double check this though.

If you have any recommendations please feel free to post them :smile:


Note that i have not left you mate, simply because i said i'm busy atm, i'll check it out later doesn't mean in a month or so! I sit on alot of ideas and dialogues opputunites. I just couldn't bother to do more research for the day. (Forgive me for my english)

Best regards,
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