SP Medieval Fantasy (Game of Thrones) A World of Ice and Fire (v8.1 released 7/3/22)

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Welcome to A World of Ice and Fire, a modification for Mount&Blade:Warband based off GRRM's A Song of Ice and Fire. This mod has used Brytenwalda's source as a base to build upon.
Be prepared to create your own House and challenge the Seven Kingdoms in this adaptation of A Game of Thrones. A gritty world awaits you full of treachery and traitorous kings, lords and knights. Will you survive the slaughter and take the Iron throne, or will you succumb to the traitorous ways that goes forth in Westeros and Essos.

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Check the Mod FAQ for solutions to frequent crashes, glitches, and runtime errors.

Current Version: AWoIaF v8.1

Name: A World of Ice and Fire
Version: 8.1
Game version: 1.172+
Category: Total Conversion
Short Info: A mod based off of GRRM's ASoIaF and the HBO series A Game of Thrones.
Mode: SP
Languages: EN
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22 factions from the ASoIaF world inc invading factions.
100's of new Lords and Kings representative of there HBO or ASOIaF counterpart.
Killable lords/kings.
Pre Battle Orders and Deployment
Custom Commander - control any NPC in battle
Duel Lords, Kings and other Npc's
Different heights for player's and npc's.
Giants and Direwolves
Emphasis on Realism.
Drinking games plus various other mini games.
The others (Whitewalkers) and wights including the weapons to kill them.
Four Religions that fully impact the world and the way people react towards you. These Include:
The Seven Faced God.
The Lord of Light (R'hllor).
The Drowned Gods.
The Gods of the Old.

Travel the Oceans and across the Narrow Sea
Brand new NPC's with in depth backstories.
Extra immersion which includes new dialogues, weather systems, new animations, highly detailed locations.
Wandering Crows recruiting south of The Wall.
The ability to have children, watch them grow and join your party.
Special parties and Npc's from the ASOIaF World.
Recruitable mercenary parties
A large detailed map of Westeros and part of Essos, some 3x bigger then the native map.
The Wall and everything associated with it
Become a brother of the Nights Watch.
Have your Masters at Arms at certain Castles/Towns train special troops for your armies.
Many Quests that fit within the world that is A Game of Thrones.
100's of new Weapons and Armours inc Ice, Obsidian and Valyrian weapons.
Closely follows the TV Series as well as the books.
A modified diplomacy and Pre Battle Orders and Deployment implemented.
Many features from VC modified to fit the mod.
Tailored to run on weaker computers as well as high spec computers.
Lots more to come!

See here for a full list of Features

House Stark
House Lannister
House Martell
House Arryn
House Barratheon
House Tully
House Tyrell
House Greyjoy
House Targaryen
Nights Watch

Lords and Fiefs
Not updated..

House Greyjoy

Kingdom Lord :
Balon Greyjoy. Pyke
Yara Greyjoy. No fief
Goron Goodbrother. Hammerhorn
Meldred Merlyn. No fief
Waldon Wynch. Iron Holt
Rodrik Harlaw. Ten Towers

House Arryn

Kingdom Lord:
Lysa Arryn:  The Eyrie

Yohn Royce. Runestone
Donnel Waynwood. The Bloody Gates
Benedar Belmore. Strongsong
Gerald Grafton. Gulltown
Eon Hunter. Longbow Hall
Triston Sunderland. Sisterton
Ser Lyn Corbray - No Fief

House Baratheon (Stannis)

Kingdom Lord:
Stannis Baratheon: Dragonstone
Accompanying NPC's:
Matthos Seaworth

Davos Seaworth: 
Ser Imry Florent: Brightwater Keep
Lord Duram Bar Emmon - Sharp Point.

House Stark

Kingdom Lord:
Robb Stark: Winterfell
Accompanying NPC:
SmallJon Umber

Roose Bolton: The Dreadfort
Greatjon Umber: Last Hearth
Rickard Karstark: Karhold
Galbart Glover: Deepwood Motte
Lady Meage Mormont: Bear Island
Helman Tallhart: Torrhens Square
Wendal Manderly: White Harbour
Moat Cailin.

House Tully

Kingdom Lord:
Edmure Tully: Riverrun
Accompanying NPC:

Brynden Tully (the blackfish): No Fief
Walder Frey: The Twins
Jason Mallister; Seagard
Tytos Blackwood: Raventree Hall
Jonos Bracken: Stone Hedge
William Mooton: Maidenpool

House Tyrell

Kingdom Lord:
Renly Baratheon: Storms End
Accompanying NPC's:
Ser Loras Tyrell

Lord Bryen Carron: Nightsong
Sebastian Errol: Haystack Hall
Ser Balon Swann: Stonehelm
Selwyn Tarth: Evenfall Hall
Lord Leyton Hightower: Oldtown
Mace Tyrell: Highgarden
Bryan Fossoway: Cider Hall
Lord Paxter Redwyne: The Arbor
Lord Randyll Tarly: Horn Hill
Ser Garlan Tyrell: No Fief
Lord Guthor Grimm: Castle Grimston
Ser Mark Mullendore: Uplands

House Lannister

Kingdom Lord:
Tywin Lannister: Casterly Rock
Accompanying NPC's:
Amory Lorch

Joffrey Baratheon: Kings Landing
Lord Renfred Rykker - Duskendale
Kevan Lannister: Lannisport
Desmond Crakehall: Crakehall
Gregor Clegane: Harrenhall
Leo Lefford: Golden Tooth
Damon Marbrand: Ashemark
Lyle Crakehall  : No Fief
Lewys Lydden: Deep Den
Harys Swift: Cornfields
Quenten Banefort: Banefort

House Martell

Kingdom Lord:
Oberyn Martell:  Sunspear 

Lord Tremond Gargalen:  Salt Shore
Lord Trebor Jordayne:  the Thor
Lord Harmen Uller:  Hellholt
Lord Anders Yronwood:  Yronwood
Lord Franklyn Fowler:  Skyreach
Ser Mors Dayne:  Starfall

The Wildlings

Kingdom Lord:
Mance Rayder: Frostfangs Camp
Accompanying NPC's:

Rattleshirt (Lord of Bones): Skirling Pass Camp
Tormund Giantsbane: Milkwater Camp
Harma Dogshead: Hardhome
Styr, Magnar of Thenn: Thenn
The Weeper: Forest Camp
Fist of the first men

Nights Watch

Kingdom Lord:
Lord Commander Joer Mormont: Castle Black
Accompanying NPC's:
Jon Snow

Ser Deny Mallister : Shadow Tower
Cotter Pyke: Eastwatch
Qhorin Halfhand: Fiefless
Mallador Locke: Fiefless
Jarmen Buckwell: Fiefless


to fill.



If you would like to help with the mod, then please apply by sending me a message. Your message should include your skills, and some showcase work.​

Who do we currently need?

Texturer - can you texture? We have lots of models specifically made for the mod that require to be textured​

3D Artist - Mainly we need armours making, but if your able to make other stuff aswell then thats great!​

Scener - We have lots of scenes that need producing, can you create awesome immersive scenes?​

2D Artist - How good can you draw? We have lots of menus that need to be created.​

Poll Results

Should this mod be based off the:
Books (27.3%)
Tv Show (15.2%)
Both (57.6%)

Should the Dothraki be a faction?
Yes that would be awesome! (54.5%)
No it breaks immersion! (45.5%

How should we implement the Brotherhood without Banners?
As a faction. (15.4%)
Equivalent to Manhunters in Native. (57.7%)
As a quest Warband. (19.2%)
Some other way... (post your idea in this thread). (7.7%)

At what time period should the mod take place?
Just after King Robert Baratheons death:  (51 votes)
Just after King Renlys death:  (33 votes)
A few weeks King Robbs demise:  (25 votes)
Other:  (5 votes)

Should we incorporate Polished Landscapes? Meaning the mod will take more resources to run.
Yes. My PC can handle it!  (61.9%)
No. My poor laptop will melt!  (38.1%)

Do you want full ocean travel at the expense of a big hit to performance?
Yes, please do it for all parties inc all AI and the player. (36.1%)
Please allow it for the player only. (9%)
No, just use pre-defined paths to make this bad boy run better. (54.9%)

I think you should change the name of mod, as the mod of that name for this game is already being done. I do not pretend to have the name of mod, just that it cause in people some dissonance in the topic title. That will lead to many unnecessary messages with questions like yours in the topic so at us a theme.
Good luck. Brytenwalda features really suit to Game of Thrones and it was my idea a while ago for Brytenwalda crew to make a sub mod based on the TV Series. If your project will carry on well I may even help you. However, you should include Dorne in the map...
Sounds interesting. Are you going to make an own take on the styles and armours, or are you going to go tv-series? :razz:
Ever so slightly worried that the creator hasn't done much background research into other GoT Based mods (There already is a mod called "A Game of Thrones" I believe!)

However, Good luck
I certainly hope this project goes forward.

There are currently two GoT-based mods for M&B, Clash of Kings and the other one which is currently in development, simply called 'Game of Thrones'. The problem with Clash of Kings is that it requires a ridiculously powerful PC in order to play, and the people from Game of Thrones are already saying their mod is gonna be the same.

It kinda saddens me not to be able to play any GoT-based mods for M&B simply because the developers of said mods expect everyone to have the equivalent of the NASA computer as their PC. :roll:

Personally, I preffer the Hundred Years War and Prophecy of Pendor to Brytenwalda, but this mod ever comes out, I don't mind making some room in my PC for Brytenwalda again.
I'm fairly skeptical that this thread would make it past page four, the OP lacks any modding skills yet he starts a total conversion thread. That's like me announcing I'm building a skyscraper if only the community would pitch in and help.
I'd be delighted to be proven wrong, but we've seen this countless times before.
Boy makes thread. Boy makes plans. Boy realizes there is too much work. Thread dies.
Maybe, but he has Brytenwalda ModSystem and a map... We know that Brytenwalda features many things described in ASoIaF books, like:
-Height System(Which can be used Dwarf and "Oversized(Gregor Clegane) Height)
-Religion System
-Different Castle Sieges(Including Siege By Ship, i.e. Siege of Pyke 10 years prior to "A Game of Thrones")
Sure , but he doesn't have model , anyway it will  very very long to alter Brytenwlada to Westeros , especially the scene .
For a total conversion , you need a good team or you need to be as crazy as Cozur .
And the most important thing is to not open a thread if you don't have a lot thing to show.
Coding basic stuff/alter code is not that  hard , same as basic modeling or scening  , but it's ****ing time consuming , if you want to go for a mod , you must have time and a lot of willpower.
Belive me , you will see how any AsoiaF thread turns ,  :mrgreen: .
  Don't take all critic in a so negative way , but really a few thing like a scene , 2/3 armor set , are at least the minimum.
produno said:
Hurleur said:
Belive me , you will see how any AsoiaF thread turns ,  :mrgreen: .
  Don't take all critic in a so negative way , but really a few thing like a scene , 2/3 armor set , are at least the minimum.

lol, its ok i like a little bit of constructive criticism, its a good way to learn :smile:. but if someones gonna criticise then balance it with a bit of construction. ie how to do something better :smile:.

the first release will have the map, all factions with towns,castles and knights ect assigned.
after ill get the religions sorted.
then next will hopefully be all the dialogue changed - or at least most of it.
with bug fixes in between no doubt.

Then i shall start to think about scenes and armour ect. but thats a long way off yet. Scenes for the six starting towns would be nice - one for each faction (minus targaryan.)

when i get chance i will update my first post with to do list ect. :smile:

and yes ive seen how the other threads turn out heheh

Targaryens will be a faction??? How???
The boy thing was a "Boy meets girl" joke, not an insult. I'm only criticizing those that have little skill and great ambitions, that never works. But you are free to try, of course.
I would not have criticized you if you had already done substantial work and presented it here. Starting a thread with zero work accomplished doesn't look promising, and I've been watching the mod threads for a long time. The few people that succeed first do some work, then start a thread with screenshots showcasing what they have already done.
Also try to post with proper capitalization and punctuation, it's the least you can do if you want to be taken seriously. The current posting style doesn't bode well if you are ever going to change data in the module system. I see syntax errors in the future and pleas for help in the Forge.
GoT mod which runs on a normal pc ver good.I can help with the moding and with the research I read the books which can help with factions which are not in the TV series.
produno said:
MadVader said:
I'm fairly skeptical that this thread would make it past page four, the OP lacks any modding skills yet he starts a total conversion thread. That's like me announcing I'm building a skyscraper if only the community would pitch in and help.
I'd be delighted to be proven wrong, but we've seen this countless times before.
Boy makes thread. Boy makes plans. Boy realizes there is too much work. Thread dies.

ive noticed your always negative towards people.

He's not being negative, he's being realistic. Really what he's doing is giving you good advice, he's been here a long time and has seen how mods like this end up. I have too. You have no idea how many threads jut like this have been posted here. They always always end up the same way. Like Vader said, the mods that succeed usually start off showing what they can do. Such mods attract potential mod team members and then the mod can really get off the ground.
Sadly some sigil will not fit to the heraldic item in game , they are way too big. All the work after Targ is useless.
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