Need More Info Freezing and stuttering during large battles, game freezes for 30-40 seconds, plays normally, then freezes again

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Hi All,

I have a gtx 2070, I7 3770 K, and 8 gigs of ram. Game runs flawlessly, however since the last patch I have been getting these strange stutters only in large battles. The stutters last for about 30 seconds and happen at random. The game locks up and after 30 seconds it resumes with no game time elapsed, which is good since this issue hasn't caused any deaths. It only happens in larger battles as I haven't experienced it in tournaments or killing looters. I have updated my drivers, uninstalled any graphics card OC programs, disabled system sound settings, I run sound settings on low, and I have increased the size of my virtual memory but this problem still persists.

I feel like its been introduced during the last round of patches. Has anyone else experienced this and maybe found a work around?
Hello, sorry for the late reply. We have fixed a considerable amount of the problems we have encountered so far and improved the game performance with the multiple patches we have released. Please make sure that your game, your drivers, and OS are up to date and the game has necessary permissions over your security software. Please let us know if the problem persists after completing these steps and verifying the integrity of the game files through Steam.
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