Features in progress (nijis)


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Please do not post in this thread, either as commentary on the changes below or to add new suggestions. It is just my own public notation of what I am thinking of adding. Also note that new features will be fairly limited at this point.

* Political "issues" (who gets the center, who gets the marshal's position)
* Player character investments -- the ability to own one enterprise per center, which may turn a small profit (DIALOGS ADDED, NEED MECHANISMS)
* Create quarrels based on kingdom strategy

(These might be moot with AI adjustments)
* New lord ai state -- attack wealthy center of trade
* New lord ai state -- guard key fortress

* Add "helpfulness" to party_set_ai_state (DONE)
* Political quests -- mediation, insult, organize feasts, seek mediation, intrigue against lord, intrigue for lord (DONE)
* New faction diplomacy state -- attack strongest power (DONE)