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After you choose the dark side and you can tell Jormungand to gather the army which gathers a large group of NPC parties. So do more of these NPC parties spawn? or are they done for when they get defeated


Hello, sorry for bothering but I can't understand how am I to merge horse with armor... I tried watching for special dialogue with armorers in the city, doing some stuff in inventory, but none of that helped... I've read about similar problem here, but there are mod version 1.134 (mine 1.140) and game version 1.157
Mine M&B:Warband version is 1.158
Tho it's not plot related problem I still count on your help guys
[oO] said:
Hello, sorry for bothering but I can't understand how am I to merge horse with armor... I tried watching for special dialogue with armorers in the city, doing some stuff in inventory, but none of that helped... I've read about similar problem here, but there are mod version 1.134 (mine 1.140) and game version 1.157
Mine M&B:Warband version is 1.158
Tho it's not plot related problem I still count on your help guys

To add armor to a horse, you need to go to the Camp menu, choose "Take an action" and then "Combine horse and armor", I believe.


My relationship with borcha is 16 and I have Ymira, Marnid and Borcha in my party. My power strike and horse archery level is at maximum. But when i go to khergit territory Borcha does not mention anything about the horse market. I have spent 5hrs(real life not in game) patrolling around khergit's border, camping near Tulga, waiting at Tulga and patroling around all the khergit villages. But still Borcha does not tell me about the horse market. I would appreciate some help.


I actually had some trouble finding the Horse Market until I got Marnid's relationship a bit higher too. Maybe you need both Marnid and Borcha to like you?


Talinoth said:
I actually had some trouble finding the Horse Market until I got Marnid's relationship a bit higher too. Maybe you need both Marnid and Borcha to like you?
My relantionship with Marnid and Ymira is over 10.


Lilly112 said:
Is there a list with what special skills you can learn and what they do?

There are a couple of special skills you can learn, and they're all relatively powerful. Actually, I feel like making a list of all the special skills in the game, just for fun.


Normal Skills Learnable by Player Character

Energy Strike: Each attack with a weapon deals 50% or so more damage, with a gold particle effect. Energy is consumed each time an attack is launched (even if it doesn't hit) and your energy will not regenerate while this mode is active. Works with melee weapons and most ranged weapons (except some crossbows + muskets).
Requirements: 6 Ironflesh, 6 Power Strike, 12 Intelligence.
NOTE: All Heroes can learn to use Energy Strike once they meet the requirements. All enemy heroes you meet in the Main Campaign, Zendar Arena, tournaments and etc will use this ability. For this reason, taking even a single hit from an enemy hero is not wise, and could result in an instant knockout.

This ability is especially effective with ranged weapons. Your ammunition is precious, and also somewhat limited - the more you can do with it, the better.
Energy Strike appears to also deal considerable damage to shields.

Critical Strike: Each attack with a melee weapon deals 150% more damage, with a red particle effect. An upgrade to Energy Strike which increases damage. Only works with melee weapons. If using a ranged weapon, only Energy Strike applies. This is Rolf's special ability.
Requirements: Good relationship with Rolf. After you talk to Rolf and ask him to train you, it will take you 72 hours while not performing other activities on the World Map to learn this skill.
NOTE: This skill is exclusive to Rolf and the player character (if learned from Rolf).

Successive Shot: Upon activation, the user fires multiple arrows from their bow at once in a scatter-shot pattern. Can only be used with bow type weapons. This is the Secret Man's special ability.
Requirements: Good relationship with the Secret Man.
NOTE: This skill is exclusive to the Secret Man and the player character (if learned from Secret Man). I have not personally learned this ability, but presumably you should be able to combine this ability with Energy Strike for truly massive damage to groups of enemies from long range.

Multiple Shot: Upon activation, the user fires multiple shots from their crossbow at once. Can only be used with crossbow type weapons. This is Melva's special ability.
Requirements: Good relationship with Melva.
NOTE: This skill is exclusive to Melva and the player character (if learned from Melva). Like Successive Shot, this can probably be combined if Energy Strike, if you like using crossbows.


Secret Abilities

These skills are immensely powerful, but can only be unlocked under certain conditions - such as for example, completing an important sidequest which involves gathering five Clues - each obtained at some point along the story, and following the hints gained from each of them.
Naturally, the descriptions of these skills are spoiler material. You may or may not spoil your enjoyment of your playthrough by finding out about these skills here, although many players may never even unlock these skills before completing the storyline.

These abilities can only be used by the player character.

Draw Sword Strike:When holding down the left ALT key and drawing the sword Thunder Breaks, your *entire* energy bar will be completely consumed, instantly killing up to three enemies in a small cone in front of you.
Requirements: The katana "Thunder Breaks", obtained from defeating the Lonely Swordsman in town arenas four times.

NOTE: This skill will not activate unless your energy bar is completely full. Draw Sword Strike can only be activated by drawing Thunder Breaks from it's sheath and holding down ALT, and this ability can not be used on horseback. This skill isn't very useful against normal enemies due to how much energy it uses, but because this ability is guaranteed to kill *any* enemy it hits, it is exceptionally powerful against enemy heroes.

Storm Blow: When activated by tapping (not holding down!) your special ability key (Z by default), the player character swings their weapon and lashes out at enemies around them in a small area of effect, knocking them down, dealing damage and stopping the movement of any horses it hits. Uses a decent amount of energy - most player characters should be able to cast it two or three times before running out of energy.

Requirement: Reading the Secret Scroll will give you access to this ability. You must not cheat in any way to obtain the Secret Scroll or you will obtain the Sunflower (read: "@sshole" in Chinese, apparently :grin:) Scroll instead, which will apparently give you massive STR but set your CHA to 0. That could be fun, but this is much more useful to you.

NOTE: The damage Storm Blow deals seems to scale up with your level in Power Strike. Storm Blow casts instantly, and is great for knocking enemies around you down and/or killing them to get you out of sticky situations. This ability can be used on foot and on horseback. For maximum effectiveness, use this ability when surrounded by enemies.

Wildland Fire (horseback)/Powerful Strike (on foot): By far the two most powerful abilities in the entire game! When holding down your special ability key (Z by default), your character will either rear their horse into the air or pull back their fist, and then unleash a devastating blast of fire, in an area effect centered on themselves. These abilities will deal a vast amount of damage and will often kill many enemies in a single cast.

Wildland Fire and Powerful Strike are so violently powerful that they will actually throw back enemies that have been hit by them, like they have been hit by a gigantic grenade. Repeated casts can stop entire formations of infantry and high level cavalry, letting you singlehandedly alter the flow of large battles with nothing more than your own individual power.

Requirements: Cast "Storm Blow" 50 times, and you will receive a message on the World Map letting you know that you have unlocked these abilities.

NOTE: These abilities appear to scale upwards in damage with added levels in Power Strike. It is not uncommon for a player to kill over a hundred enemies in a single large battle with clever and repeated use of this ability - or several hundred in a castle siege, especially against the gigantic garrisons fielded by the forces of Darkness.
The only downside to these abilities is that the cast time will leave you exposed to lethal attacks, especially from Dark Knights or enemy snipers.
However, this can be mitigated. You can cast both of these abilities while jumping - either on foot or with your horse - which will make you *much* harder to kill.
The cast range on Powerful Strike is also large enough that you can also often defeat enemy infantry who are standing up on castle walls by walking to the base of the wall, and casting this ability - scoring many kills without having to put yourself in danger from enemy snipers.

These twin abilities are so exceptionally powerful that investing in a full STR build to get Power Strike 15 (to maximise ability damage) and Ironflesh 15 (to maximise energy pool and regeneration) isn't even a bad idea.

EDIT : I'll add the abilities that certain enemy heroes use later on. It's worth noting that you can't actually use them - only they can. But it'll be worth adding them, considering that they're quite interesting abilities (that is, if you leave them alive long enough to use them - which you most definitely should not, because they can do severe damage to your armies if you let them).


Thnaks. I knew all of them, apart from the Storm Blow. Really thought the clues where just some side-quest thing like the Horse Market or Shoey's portraits, so I never got them before  :oops: .

I really thought that Draw Sword Art was a bit useless for it's energy consumption, so never really used it. And the difference between Sucessive Shot and Multishot is that SS has a very tight grouping, and MS spreads in a sort of triangle when you use the bow.


trying to get to the dungeon at the bottom of the lake, but keep running out of air before hitting anything, any tips?


1: Follow the stones - they make a trailing path along the lake-bed towards the dungeon

2: There's a certain item you get from the plot that will allow you to breathe underwater for extremely long periods of time. Do a bit more of the story first to get that item, and you'll get to the dungeon without any problems.


aight, cool
new question: what exactly are the rules for how the shield heals you?
I can't seem to figure it out, does it just randomly heal you once your HP reaches a certain low?


The Shield of Fate does seem to have a chance of automatically healing you when you're taking damage below a certain point - like less than 50%.

The ability does have a fairly substantial cooldown and it doesn't always activate, so running into stupid situations (because you're counting on your shield to save you) would be unwise.


As for the Damascene Steel Armour, have you killed enough Dark Avengers yet, then talked to Count Arrasies? You will get the items from him if you've defeated enough Dark Avengers parties.

Even once you get the Damascene stuff, you should continue to destroy the Avengers because Arrasies will still have some cool stuff to give away... :grin:


wait, hold on
I mean to say there is nothing in my notes to tell me I've wiped out enough
I recently got told to go meet him, but all he game me were another pair of those medals he game me back in the earlier stages that allow me to hire manhunters.
Like, what do I do with them, and how do I know how many I have to beat before I get the shiny new armor? Do I just sell the excess medals?


You can use the medals to convert 5 Mercenary Cavalry into Knights of Freedom, and 5 Hired Blades into Chivalric Gladiators.

This is an extremely worthwhile reward. The Knights of Freedom can go toe to toe with even Fenrir's elite cavalry and the Chivalric Gladiators are the most badass infantry units in the game. You know how Wercheg has a garrison of like 2700 dudes? If you had a 150 strong mixed army of Knights of Freedom and Chivalric Gladiators, and you backed them up with your own magic, you could grind that garrison down more easily than you might realise.

In other words - DO NOT SELL THE BADGES :razz:

You'll probably get the armour when you kill like 10 or 20 parties.

I don't even know how many Avenger parties I've killed by now...


After losing the horn just ask "Borsha" companion about the where about of "Dark armies" like Dark knight & Dark hunters ... that is a hint given to me by "Secret man" in camp when I asked him about rest of gems way to find.
Plus going around killing Dark armies specially Dark Knights gives you more experience & more valuable loot.
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