Need More Info During siege you can move under/through the mud and wood bridge crossing a moat

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Summary: During a siege I could ride completely through/under this bridge/pile of dirt, as if it was a bridge more like the one in the background, with pillars holding it up and some empty space to run through. I could still ride on top of it if approaching it head on, rather than from the side.
How to Reproduce: Ride into the side of dirt bridge during a siege. I did try to jump the horse up on the top of the bridge. However I could ride all the way through and without jumping, run through it again.
Quest/Settlement Name (if related): Unsure which town, sorry, I think it was level 3 walls and either a Battanian or Western Empire town.
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Version: Beta 1.2
Installed community-made modifications: None
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I don't know if the same feature is used in other sieges but I found it on Lagata it had walls tier 3 (don't know if it matters):


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Hello, thanks for reporting this problem. Unfortunately, we were unable to respond to this thread when it was first created. We believe the issue may have been resolved since the creation of this topic. If you are currently experiencing this issue with the latest live or beta versions of the game, please update this thread so we can forward this issue to the team for investigation.
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