1. AlbertFaubrein

    How terrains work (scene)?

    Hello everyone, I would like to understand everything about the terrains in the Mount and Blade's engine (generation, vertex count, textures, water level...). I want to understand this to create a third party tool wich represents the terrain in 3d like in the game. Thanks for the support.
  2. Worlok

    Resolved Scene Editor Scene editor crashes terrain resize

    Summary: When I try to resize my current terrain the tool crashes. How to Reproduce: Open my scene, select terrain and try to resize the terrain Specific Tool: Scene editor Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: Windows 10 Home 64bit GPU: Radeon RX550 4G GPU Driver Version...
  3. Brotila

    Need More Info Enemies Glitching Under Map

    At first enemies would only glitch through the map on desert maps. They would either spawn inside rock formations (some of them are hollow or have tunnels inside of them), or they would clip into them somehow. However, now it has happened to me on a river map. At some point during the battle the...
  4. BL Scening Terrain does not load on Main Map.

    When I load the Main Map into the editor the terrain does not load. It remains blacked out however everything else in the scene loads. If I save the map the terrain will no longer load in the campaign. Reloading my backup fixes the issue so it seems as if the Shader is simply not working on...
  5. Jancnahn

    a quick question on HeightMap Exporting/Importing

    When I export a single-node terrain of 64x64 HeightMap resolution, say all of height 0, I get a 65x65 png file starting with an extra row of 0.8134432 values and with an extra column of zeroes except a single extry of 0.8134432. Thus when I import the very same height map file, the first row of...
  6. Aldemar

    Need More Info Squares on the campaign map

    Beside that Bannerlord looks downgraded since some patches. Now i have this.
  7. alligator shoes

    BL Scening 1.5.3 Modding tools does not include Main map height data

    The SceneEditData for the Main_map which includes terrain height afaik is not included in the modding tools for 1.5.3. Will it be added back?
  8. Rottensnare

    BL Scening Is it possible to create holes in terrain?

    I want to create a cave or similar feature in my map. I would like that I could remove terrain so that the characters could then go into the cave that was created with the existing cave or dungeon assets. In other words the ability to remove the textures/collisions/meshes/etc of the terrain so...
  9. Resolved Terrain bug: penalties without the matching terrain

    The plains west of Pravend City are all treated as forest when calculating the party movement speed. But there are no forest as the area are plains like I said. This goes for the mainland west of Pravend as well as for the peninsula south-west of the city and occurs all over the area, not only...
  10. MinhTien

    Resolved Beta 1.4.1 Wrong terrain types near Aster Castle,

    As shown in screenshots, near Aster Castle, my party is afflicted by Forest debuff while standing out in the open, while another party is considered to be in Plain while visually moving through forest. I use no mod. Can't take screenshot while holding ALT...
  11. battle terrain should reflect campaign terrain better.

    Battle maps such as mountains with extreme slope in M&B1 was the cavalry's nightmare if they follow archers into those mountains. But I found that those maps are gone in bannerlord. Even large slope appears in campaign map, the battle map's slope is quite gentle, and that disappoints me. Also I...
  12. Unresolved During siege you can move under/through the mud and wood bridge crossing a moat

    Summary: During a siege I could ride completely through/under this bridge/pile of dirt, as if it was a bridge more like the one in the background, with pillars holding it up and some empty space to run through. I could still ride on top of it if approaching it head on, rather than from the side...
  13. Resolved AI Army stuck in inaccessible terrain

    Summary: AI on map is in a location where I can't path towards, and is stuck at 0 troops (all wounded, no recovery for days) How to Reproduce: No idea. Encountered near cliffside of Rhesos Castle Quest/Settlement Name (if related): N/A Media (Screenshots & Video): Version: Noticed in Native...
  14. MinhTien

    Unresolved Suffered Forest movement penalty with no Forest in sight

    Summary: West of Pravend, near Drapand castle, visually there is no forest yet, yet there is Forest movement penalty. How to Reproduce: Move your army to the area between Drapand castle and Pravend. Quest/Settlement Name (if related): Pravend, Drapand Media (Screenshots & Video): The 2 parties...
  15. Funky Donkey Memes 2009

    Siege Tower Unable to Deploy - Siege of Odokh

    As I was sieging the city of Odokh, my left-most siege tower was unable to deploy properly due to an unevenness in the terrain. Here is a picture to demonstrate this:
  16. 27POP27

    Unresolved [Minor detail] Terrain accessibility inconsistency

    I've learned that in Bannerlord it's not possible to walk over steep mountains. I found this one area that caught my attention regarding this. I did not expect a bandit party going over this area. See attached video: https://dump.video/i/MTNFz4.mp4 Version 1.0.8. Is this intentional?
  17. DukeDunac

    Unresolved Terrain and people become pure black after the first hit of a battle, game-breaking bug

    Summary: After being hit by a rock from a looter, this happened. The next battle I played out, after killing a khuzait lancer with a spear, it happened again. I haven't played a battle since, only simulation. Has only happened on snow maps so far, will continue testing. How to Reproduce: No...
  18. ForgottenTree

    Unresolved Horse Archer AI

    How to Reproduce: Any battle of horse archers vs any unit inside the desert Version: e1.0.3 Computer Specs: OS: Win10 GPU: Nvidia RTX 2070 8GB CPU: i7-9700K RAM: 32GB DDR 4 3000 MHz Motherboard: Asus ROG STRIX Z390-E Storage Device (HDD/SSD): SSD 1TB Summary: Horse archer AI is extremly weird...
  19. Unresolved Usanc Castle Ladders

    Bug Description: Ladders along the left side, when you reach the top you are unable to climb up and over onto the wall, instead you enter freefall for a second and then re-grab onto the ladder. I attempted the left ladder of the pair, and the right ladder had NPC's who were unable to climb up...
  20. Native OSP 3D Art BeefBacon's Terrain and Landscaping Pack

    I was tired of always seeing boring terrain so I made a collection of cliffs, rocks and other terrain and landscaping models in a variety of materials for use in scene editing. While this pack was originally intended for use in mods such as Persistent Kingdoms, it can be used for scenes in any...
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