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Now this requires some knowledge instead of a dumb**** like me.

Individual Tribes:

Chinese Dynasty (twice and more as many Boyans):

Weak Tribes:
Individual Tribes have 4-6 lords.
Chinese Dynasty will have 20 lords.
The weaker tribes are all on very friendly ters with each other and have no more than 1-2 Boyans.  They will be quite agressive towards ****-all, and their parties ain't small.  They're unable to organize raids in companies.

So now the question is directed to really anybody (Merthbey, Cheng, you're our historians, bang us your knowledge) as to who's going against who?  Do note that M&B mainly works with "Wars" or "Peace".  There ain't alliances.

So who's warring who?  How is it going to start?