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Full Invasion 2: Amber 2.0 Changelog

Removed all unused items and meshes, significantly reducing the risk of crashes.
Added the option to rejoin after leaving a server, allowing you to regain the gold, kills, and deaths you had before leaving. This is triggered by crashing too, allowing you to jump right back in.
The prices of all items have been standardized based on their stats, resulting in more consistency in and between factions.
Remade some of the more popular Invasions, to give them more unique troops, and tougher bossfights.

Full Invasion 2: Amber Changelog

All items and factions have been completely rebalanced.
Several factions have been removed or merged.
All maps have had a quality pass, to rid them of as many bugs as possible.
Beds and horse troughs now gradually restore health over time instead of when the interaction is completed.
Added toggleable healthbars for allies, invaders, and bosses (press F5 to toggle allies, F6 to toggle enemies, and F7 to toggle bosses).
Added a toggleable minimap (press F8 to toggle).
Added a toggleable dynamic weapon overview, which shows what weapons, shields, and horse you are currently using, and their stats (press F4 to toggle). This overview will always pop up when you open the Esc menu.
  • Most of the standard HUD can now be disabled and re-enabled with F11.
Added a "Mod Menu" option to the main menu where the above features can also be toggled.
Autofiring scripts have been added. Certain firearms will now continue firing if you hold down the left mouse button, taking ammo directly from your ammopool.
Added a new "hit reward" system that gives the player a small amount of gold based on the server's kill gold multiplier for landing a hit on a bot.
Added a new chat system that allows living players to see what dead people are saying.
  • Use the new chat by pressing P.
  • Chat sent through Warband's normal chat systems, T and Y, no longer shows up.
Added the new wardrobe feature, which allows you to interact with wardrobes to change your gear without dieing.
  • Using the wardrobe will cost as much as your new loadout's total cost, excluding the cost of items already in your inventory.
Server admins now have to option to select the individual factions and maps available in polls. This allows servers to include or exclude factions or time periods if they want to.
Polls in the Invasion game mode will now allow only Defender factions to be chosen for the first faction, and only Invasion factions for the second faction.
Hovering over a class will now show you its stats, to make the distinction between classes more clear.
A new panel has been added to the Esc menu, which shows the details of the current server and an estimate to the best of our scouts' abilities of the size of the next wave.
Lightsabers now have a chance to deflect blaster rounds and destroy other missile types while blocking.
  • The chance to deflect and the direction of a deflected round are directly affected by the user's weapon proficiency.
Muskets with bayonets now use the overhand stabbing mechanic from Napoleonic Wars.

The cost for the random box, barricades, shield repair, and the ammo refill is now proportionate to the server's kill gold multiplier.
Players will now be credited for killing the mount of an invisible rider.
New defender bot classes have been added.
Removed the flame particle effects from legendaries.
A message will now be shown to all players when a legendary item is spawned.
Players are now unable to attempt to start a poll while one is already running, and an error message will be shown.
  • Previously this resulted in polls being disabled for a person despite their original poll not going through.
Arrow quivers will now trigger an error message and not deduct money when you do not have refillable items equipped.
Players can no longer choose to join the invader team, since they had no usable classes to begin with.
Game hints have been rewritten to provide Full Invasion tips, instead of generic Warband hints.
Tutorial mode is no longer available.
Replaced the main menu and loading screens background!
The amount of bots spawning per wave is now determined by the amount of players who have lived at some point, instead of simply all players on the server. This stops spectators and newly joined players who have not spawned yet from increasing the difficulty for living players.
Players now automatically spawn with invisible armor pieces if they select a full set body armor option in the equipment screen.
Barricades and doors that spawn by default on a map will now respawn when the players are defeated and the round restarts.
Hero classes are now displayed in gold text in the troop selection screen.
Hero classes can now only be purchased as a whole, forcing you to spawn with the entire set.
Updated the looks of several hero classes, including new high quality items and armor.
The timer will now only begin counting down once the first player has spawned at the beginning of a match, meaning there is now an unlimited amount of time to choose loadouts. Prior to this, the first player had one minute within which to spawn, or the game would be unjoinable.
Horses spawned by players will now live longer before despawning when left alone.

Admin and developer tags have been added to the appropriate players.
Expanded in game functionality for developers.
Admin chat can now be used by pressing 'U'. It can still be accessed through the old menu.
Added the option for server admins to override polls, to accept or deny them immediately.
Polls will be put on an increasingly long global cool-down after wave 15 to counter pollspamming on higher waves.
The pre-game configuration panel will now default to invasion mode when first accessed.
Admin powers are now functional on local servers.
Server population cap can now be set up to 200 in the admin panel.
Reduced poll results timer to 2 minutes (was 4 minutes) and updated timer text to display it accurately.
Added the option to award gold amounts between 1-10000 to a single player or to all players in the Admin Mod 'Give' menu.
Server admins can now globally mute and unmute players.
Remade the faction selection interface in the Admin Panel to make selecting factions and a map far easier.
Admins can now create new polls after a previous poll failed.
Server logs now record the outcome of polls.
Autofire scripts can be toggled on or off by admins in pvp modes.
Some superfluous admin panel options for invasion mode have been removed, and the remaining elements have been reorganised.
Added the option for admins to slay a random bot, for when the last bot(s) of a wave get stuck.
Admin actions are now logged by the server.

Made several changes to the random box:
  • Items will now spawn in front of the box instead of on top of it.
  • All requirements have been removed from items that can spawn in random boxes, so that every item can be picked up by every class.
  • The Hat of +1 Breaking (the Japanese Jingasas) and several other items have been removed from the random box.
  • A lot of new weapons have been added to the random box.
  • Several new legendary weapons have been added to the random box.
  • Around 30 variations of the lightsaber have been added to the random box.
  • Bows and crossbows will now spawn with a random pack of arrows/bolts.
  • Items will now only spawn with modifiers that make sense for their particular weapon type.
  • Random boxes now work in all game modes.
The above spawning changes and bugfixes affect the random shield box as well.
~250 new shields have been added to random shield boxes.
Certain legendary items are now available for purchase by appropriate classes for a large amount of money.
Heavy Spartan body armor no longer use cloaks.
Lightsabers now have unique sound effects when drawn, used, or held idle, and will retract into the hilt when sheathed.
Several Sengoku Jidai classes can now dual wield wakizashis. The second wakizashi is used as a shield.
Several Jedi outfits have been added.
Replaced Uruk-Hai sword models with higher quality versions in Isengard invasion.

The following maps have been removed from the map list:
  • Top of Minas Tirith
  • Nordinvasion
  • Last Stand of Minas Tirith
  • Walls of Minas Tirith
  • Native Ruined Fort
  • By the River remake
  • Gate of Erebor
The following new maps have been added to the map list:
  • Himeji Castle
  • Asuka
  • Stanley Fortress
  • Troy
  • Bridge of Stirling
  • Viking Keep
  • Beach Castle
  • Dragonstone
  • Arabian Walls
  • Matsumoto Castle

The following Defender factions have been removed:
  • The Kingdom
  • The Colonists
  • The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
  • The Muscovite Tsardom
  • The Crimean Khanate
  • The Kingdom of Sweden
  • The Cossack Hetmanate
  • The Super-Heroes
  • The Seven Years' War France
  • The Seven Years' War Great Britain
  • The Seven Years' War Prussia
  • The Seven Years' War Spain
  • The Seven Years' War Austria
  • The Seven Years' War Sweden
  • The Seven Years' War Hannover
  • The Seven Years' War Russia
  • The Seven Years' War Saxony
  • The Seven Years' War Portugal
  • The Middle East
  • Empty Placeholder
The following Invasions have been removed:
  • Invasion of Nords
  • Invasion of Rhodoks
  • Invasion of Swadians
  • Invasion of Vaegirs
  • Invasion of Alien Bugs
  • Invasion of Crazy Farmers
  • Invasion of Creatures
  • Invasion of Little Ponies
  • Invasion of Midgets
  • Invasion of PtHdZFwCm's
A new Invasion has been added: Invasion of Calradia. This Invasion replaces the individual Calradian Invasions, and adds upon them with Manhunters, Bandits, and other Calradian scoundrel.
Invasion of Barbarians has been renamed to Invasion of Cavemen.
Invasion of Gauls has been renamed to Invasion of Barbarian Tribes.
All classes from The Kingdom have been merged into the Kingdom of Bretonnia.
The Middle Earth has been renamed to The Lord of the Rings Combined.
The Future Marines has been renamed to The Star Wars Factions.
The Seven Kingdoms has been renamed to The Kingdoms of Westeros.


Zombie dogs will now die when dismounted.
Persian Cavalry will no longer die upon dismounting.
Fixed an issue with mounts of invisible riders being nearly invincible.
Removed a broken zombie sound effect.
Fixed issue with some demons having floating hands several metres away from their bodies. Cause was a duplicate item entry
Fixed the glitched ragdolls on Warhammer orks.
Fixed a bug where Skeletons with Plate Armor would have invisible plate armor until they were close to the player.
Fixed a bug where the helmet of Skeleton Crossbowmen would have no texture.

Fixed a deeply rooted glitch with several different types of trees that made them show incorrect and glitched textures (known as the "snowy tree bug").
Fixed a bug where the Chinese Changdao would have two blades instead of one.
Fixed a bunch of glitchy shields.
The Wolven Gladius and Org Swords from the random box are no longer invisible on the ground.
Firearms held by bots will now also properly play their sound effects.
Removed a duplicate material that was causing Huscarl shield textures to glitch.
Fixed the collision mesh of gekokujo_c5_keep5 to allow players to reliably shoot through its windows.
Fixed several trees with disappearing leaves.
Fixed several bushes from disappearing when the player got too close, or was too far away.
Fixed all lightsabers from having transparent handles.
Fixed the prop roh_burial_mound, which had no texture.
Changed the settings of the material of the armor Full Invasion 2 General's Armor to fix its wonky reflection.
Fixed the Lasgun Pistol from appearing rotated in the player's hand.
Fixed the collision mesh of scn_prop_car_01.
Fixed the appearance of several tanks, which had parts without a texture.
Changed the UV-mapping on the Roman Cohert Armor to show its texture properly.
Fixed several clipping and animation issues on armor and horses.
Fixed several items having wrong shaders, causing them to light up.

Fixed the long-standing money display bug. The gold counter will no longer reset to 0 after exceeding 131,071. The maximum of 15,000,000 is now theoretically attainable.
Fixed a server-side script error caused by the Admin Mod's 'Heal Everyone' function.
Teleport functions in the Admin Mod will now work on mounted players.
Corrected misaligned text on troop selection screen (for Middle Earth and a couple other factions the first troop option was indented too much).
Fixed a bug whereby defender bots would only spawn for one player.
Fixed a bug whereby only one defender bot class would spawn.
The Admin Mod's "Refill Ammo" function now works as intended.
The barricade scripts have been completely rewritten to make sure they no longer crash servers and destroy hitboxes on server props.
Fixed a deeply rooted bug related to barricade initialisation.
Reduce the volume of demon sound effects.
Fixed an issue with barricade names showing up incorrectly.
Fixed a bug whereby quivers would cost twice as much as they should.
Removed Metuloak from the game files to improve game performance.
All admin armour options now work as intended.
Corrected spelling errors in some map names.
Fixed a bug with some defender faction UI icons being shown for the invader faction too.
Dying no longer returns more money than you originally had.
Fixed a lot of additional bugs found in the beta version of Amber. Thanks to all our testers for helping us out with finding them!

This Update includes the following:

Revised mod folder - deleted useless text files. Due to cleaning up the folder finally this will be a full download but slightly smaller file size. Will not be a patch.

FI2 v0121 mod folder is now 2.45 GB where as the old folder is 2.79 GB. Makes a difference I'd say.

Reverted mod text to default on some screens.

New main menu music thanks to Deathwolf, short & sweet.

Mod music is now optional to further save on file size. Is included in the Optional Addons pack.

item_kinds1.txt got a rework of stats thanks to Spree237.
For anyone curious what changes there are, look here:

Optional Addons available for download. Want the native mouse cursor icon back? It's here. Prefer the native aiming reticule for ranged weapons? It's here. This includes many small mini-addons including Valamis's old-but-not-forgotten menu.

Black Gothic Black Plate Armor for Girls temporarily replaced with a pink version for Foxie. As a promise made, a promise fufilled. Foxie's Armour will be an admin mod option later on.

Bugs fixed:
Demon Warlord sword - fixed
Texture name was mispelled

Bohdan Khmelnystky's armor - fixed
Duplicate material error

GOT helmets having wrong material - fixed

Reserved for Changelogs + more

Change log  v0119:
Guys Sorry We will Soon Release this version through Rush because while adding old maps (Fi1) navy did something wrong and it can crash everyone's game when switched to those bugged maps so releasing this version is a must right now since it can only be done through a new version not just some patch.

This patch / version is a urgent performance patch to reduce lag and crash

New Black Maximilian Helmet for Empire Elite Gothic Infantry
New Black Maximilian Helmet for Empire Black Knight
New Bronze boots and bronze glove to match the Bronze Knight set
The armor Zombie Hunter was wearing is now more bloodier than ever
New White Heavy Greaves and Bronze Greaves added to Roman troops and Greek Troops to match the Bronze/White Roman/Greek Armour.
New Assassin Black Armor set added to Assassin Faction
New Black Hedge Knight Boot and Black Hedge Knight Armor to match the Black set of Hedge Knight
New Black Easterling set for Easterlings
New Sauron Set for Sauron (Good-guy version instead of being the bad guy)
Improved nazi zombie
Redone all Troll Textures
All Roman Textures have been redone and improved
Most if not all Blue-tint armors/items have been fixed, textures also improved
Several Roman Gladiator helmets poly have been reduced to reduce lag on players
New Roman Squamata as well as new roman black set
Several New Byzantine Armours/ helmets and new gears
Greatly Improve textures and armors:

New Troops:
Hell Minotaur for Demon Invasion
Demon Blue-Eye Guy for Demon Invasion
Black Easterling for Mordor Invasion
Chinese Ancient Spearman for Chinese Invasion
New Barbarian for Barbarian Invasion
New Persian for Persian Invasion
Easterling Footman, Easterling Pikeman for Mordor Invasion
Mongolian and alot of New Mongolian troops with unique models for Mongol Invasion
Giant Cave Troll and Giant Black Troll for Goblin Invasion
Several Medieval Zombie for Zombie Invasion
several demons for Demon Invasion
Jin Dynasty Troop for Chinese Invasion
New Jerusalem sets and new jerusalem crusader for Crusader faction
Too much light Several Chinese faces fixed
The floating Map 'Deep Forest' fixed
Pony no longer appear in Austrian Cuirassier
Snowy Tree collision is too big and causes problem for AI has been fixed

Improved Elite Black Gothic foot-knight textures (Imperial)
Mongol Invasion no longer a Full-Cav based faction. The Mongol Invasion will be redone with unique models as well as unique textures
Removed Potatoes from hell and explosive related items from chest to stop people abusing it
Battle Trolls on defender side no longer have a huge amount of STR. Instead they will have a huge amount of health instead.
Map collision redone to stop bots getting stuck
Reduce Trees poly
Several barricades no longer stackable to stop glitching
Found out the main reason why people always crash when map is about to change - fixed

v0118 Progress Updated 17/06/2014

Admin panel on normal host now fixed - no longer nothing happens when press admin panel

new banners for Hedge knights, Orks, ETs

Changes to Low Res and High Res:

In Low Res in default is set in Night time, to simply switch it back to Day Time just use the patch inside. there will be a extra folder that allows the user to add back day time, as well as making trees looks worse but with better performance, up to you.

What is night time? Changing to Night time will boost performance alot, but it will be harder to see things.

In High Res everything is as is. with a option to switch to night time. Game will set in day time, with a option to switch to night time

In Total 30 new maps have been added to Invasion gamemode:
Assassins Camp
Berlin 1919
Castle Black
Developers Mansion
Dol gulder rework
Greece city
Hobbit Cliff
Hot Gates
Kings landing
Gondorian Outpost
roman map
The twins crossing
TLD Edoras rework
Top of zombie city
Western farm
Wrath Of The Volcano
Battle of Calradia by Arch3r original 10 maps

New Black Samurai set added to Samurai Faction
New sets for Dark Elves
Crazy Farmers have their own unique banner-carrier
Zombies have their own unique banner-carrier
Goblins have their own unique banner-carrier
Crazy Farmers have their own unique banner-carrier
Persians have their own unique banner-carrier
Demons  have their own unique banner-carrier
Samurai Invasion have their own unique banner-carrier based on the Sengoku jidai Era (EG Oda, Takeda, Shimazu)
Many over saturated textures has been fixed

Conan The True Barbarian Head is now fixed

Takeda Cavalry now playable in Shogun Defending Faction
Takeda Cavalry now invades along with Shogun Invasion
Chosokabe Bow Samurai set now avaliable in Shogun Defending faction
Chosokabe Bow Samurai now invades along with Shogun Invasion
Shimazu Katana Samurai set now available in Shogun Defending faction
Shimazu Katana Samurai now invades along with Shogun Invasion
Warrior Monk now have access to bows which also makes them Bow Warrior Monks.
Date Nodachi Samurai set now available in Shogun Defending faction
Date Nodachi Samurai now invades along with Shogun Invasion
Grey Samurai Dragon set set now available in Shogun Defending faction
Bow Warrior Monk and Naginata Warrior Monk now invades along in Shogun Invasion
Bloody Gauls now invades in invasion of gauls
Crusader monk holy jesus weapons now have correct length.
New zombie faces
New Samurai Zombie
Bloody zombies
Many textures has been improved
Fixed a bug with farmers having a duplicated troop
new demon infantry
demon faction improved with alot of new troops
new cave troll model now in invasion of goblins
new goblins
many exclusive armors and items for invasion of empire and crusaders
couple of new assassin gears

Total items in the mod from 7060 increase to 7367. Around 300+ new items

3 New Invasion:

<strong>Invasion of Northern Tribesman (Dragon born based faction)

Invasion of Crusaders

Invasion of the Empire

Invasion of Ghosts removed (They will be back when Army of the Dead faction is ready)

alot of stuff have been done but don't have time to record alot of things, you will have to find them out!

Survival Maps in total for v0.117:  178


Poll will now takes a minute to work to reduce poll spam. (After being accepted/rejected will take a minute)
Poll bans/ kicks on admins has been disabled
Few hundred textures are redone
Uruk-hai crossbowman finally playable (Sorry for being lazy)
100% working mumakil rideable for players - Very expensive
new types of Orks - Ork Berserker, Ork Axeman, Ork Hammerer and Ork Gunner
Hitler, Stalin and various socialist bosses have special abilities
robb stark head now accessible
new easterling black shield and boots to match the black easterling set
new dark elves items and sets
gandalf can now ride shadowfax
players can now build a gate
new type of invader for Barbarians - Dragonborn
solution to polls spam has been added - Poller name will be shown from now on -It is still buggy need some fix but overall its okay - it breaks the poll in normal host, so if you want to change factions you have to leave, press join host again. (you don't need to if you join a server and play)
Gandalf can cast lighting spells (Proper magics will be implemented, Bad Idea (ka wai) is working on it.
Saruman can cast fireball (small one, proper magic will be implemented once Bad Idea finish porting magics, small one as placeholder for now)
new invader for isengard: Fat Uruk-Hai
Marius armor (Golden roman general armor inspired from Ryse son of rome game)
Black Knight armor set now complete, new troop as Black Knight as well
Black Easterling missing black easterling gauntlet has been added
Raptors (new model rather than the armored one has been added)
New Mandalorian items, I called them The Mandalorian Black Watch
A new fireman helmet inspired from fireman added to modern era survivors.
pilot troop get a new helmet
new swat helmet for the SWAT
New Futuristic Soldier models
Uruk-hai steel plate warrior now in invasion of isengard
Several new gondorian items , for more screenshots check out the facebook page:
redone Gondor Troop tree to make it less messy
From time to time there will be a special hero who will spawn as one of the random players, he wore the archangel armor and can lead defenders to victory, upon death all gears will return back to normal
Basically now in all maps there are new type of barricades and all maps have been re-look at so there won't be any glitching spots.

new invasion: Invasion of With Fire and Sword
New Invasion: Invasion of Demons
New Defender faction: Kingdom of Arnor

New Maps:

"Battle on Ice"
"Spartacus Last Battle"
"Rework Erebor"
"Port Assault Invasion"
"Ruin Fort Invasion"
"After Years of Siege"
"Rise of Rome"
"Native Ruined Fort"
"Desert Village"
"Turin Castle Invasion"
"Fall of Leonidas"
"Viking Invasion"
"Rohan Village" 
"There is No Escape" 
"They are Coming"
"Pantheon The Spartan"
"Incoming Catapult"
"Deadliest Warrior" 
"Teutoburg Forest"

Fixed Several duplicated meshes
Sharks no longer suicide when spawn
Hamata having over-white textures on hands and legs is fixed
most bluish tint armors is fixed (was trying to make it look like rome 2 total war but realized warband don't support such textures, a shame indeed)
conan true barbarians head is fixed
Harad chief helmet is fixed
Harad chief don't have orc faces anymore
Hard shields fixed
Error on Hedge Knight helmet is fixed
Error on Modern helmet is fixed
One of the Elven armor is too purplish - fixed
elven helmet too weird fixed
the red plume bug in empire faction is fixed
army of the dead nazgul have wrong skin fixed
The retarded errors on seven years war faction about spawning naked has been fixed
Crusader lances are fixed
zulu woman no longer have white faces
hamata having a dub meshes fixed
imperial legion whiet armor no longer have *too white hands
something new for future marines


Britain,Anglo Zulu War and quite alot of factions now have their own unique flag (Also many other factions).

there are alot of redone textures (if you look closely and have the high res version on dec you will notice some difference if you compared to the old ones)
found out that those log barricades provoke glitching, so several of them have been removed and replaced with better barricades
WW2 related barricades can only found on WW2/ WW1 maps.
All WW1/WW2 related cades has been removed from all non-ww1/ww2 maps.
Redone some maps to remove glitch spots to make players not being able to delay the game while everyone is dead
All castle maps no longer have barricades since bots don't attack cades in ladders (provoke glitching, since you have walls to protect you theres no need for cades)
many ranged enemy will now charge due to having a low ammos, so when they ran out of ammo they will charge straight in, instead of standing idle
quite alot of textures are redone and improved. (450+, there are over 8500 textures in the mod)
fully retextured grass, new trees etc to make the mod looks better (to be honest some of the new trees already exist in the mod since few versions ago, its just i don't have the time to added them myself)
increased warband bloom effects
Enemy crossbowman such as Chinese Crossbowman, Isengard Crossbowman have less bolts.
Skeleton troops now renamed to Undead
rework Eredor
major graphical changes (More bloom effects + new graphical changes)
rework terrain border
expanded maps with expanded terrain borders, all maps are bigger

I realized just now that there are alot of lotr issues going on since they become the most overused faction, it is something i am very well aware of, therefore trying my best to improve other factions. but to do that i need your help as well. tell me how i can improve other factions to be as good as lotr.

Rhun helmets repositionining
Arnor helmets repositioning
Invisible cursor fixed
Firearrows fixed
Materials dub meshes fixed
Demon thralls spears fixed
Included 3 updated fixed maps.
Not being able to spawn (this is very likely due to corrupted download