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I did a lot of the conceptual work for Bakhal and Sut back in the day and formed some basic ideas for them. My original concepts are probably a bit outdated but the basic gist of each faction...

Sut= Traditional homeland of the giants, many long standing ancestral clans stem from here and many still exist and have a rich legacy. My original notes is that they were matriarchal with the females being the heads of families and the home while males went out to fight but that has likely changed as there was no good female giant models that could be made/found within a reasonable time frame. Sut is named after the Giant's earth/mother goddess.

Bakhal= A land where most of the Giant tribes of Perisno have been forced to over the past number of years, as Giants have been persecuted for centuries. A warlord rose up to unite all of the refugee Giant tribes into a single nation, and the Giants of Bakhal are hellbent on conquering neighbouring territories for the glory of Giant-kind and to pay violent retribution upon those who tormented them in the past. They utilize a lot of slave fodder in their armies of other races, and unlike the ancestral clan dominated Giants of Sut (who turned away their kin during the worst of the years of persecution and didn't give them sanctuary) the Giants of Bakhal are largely based off of pure might makes right in their society, whomever can carve their own path has done so in accordance to their own intelligence and/or might and has earned their position.


But why does he serve them?????

Why is he going around with an army does that even make sense in any faction?

Where do the guys who ride the bloody things even come from?



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Marknificent said:
Can you get Perisno troops before you make a kingdom? How do you get them if you can?
They are upgradeable from farmers who can sometimes be rescued from prisoners.


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Added pages on Tolranian and Reich lords:

Updated Draharan lords:
Phew. No more Noyans.  :fruity:

Mostly it's just pictures/skills/pre-defined family relations/info on household troops or unique templates, but some lords also have small (like really small) notes on their stories/lore.


Someone put Illirca twice, also i know that Geldar are supposed to become walled faction in the future, i would suggest that other minor factions should be too, like Illircas, Wolf Knights, Third legion, perhaps Ankaras (though i can see them being purely nomadic) and definitely Lymbardians, because it makes no sense for Lymbardians to be free roaming, they are knights after all, it takes money to retain army of that size and that well equipped, money which can only come from fiefs, so a secluded town for Lymbard would be a logical choice (well defended like Falcons but conquerable) other listed factions would also need some sort of base of operations (especially since Illricas are stated to have one) since they are not a rabble like bandits, nomads like Mosoru or foreigners.


davidm27 said:
Would love to see more minor factions in the unused parts of the map

Sorry, my bad, i did not yet get to play the latest version and the guide does not mention this change (only name change), i realized they were only after i read the wiki, the rest of my post is still valid i hope.


Is there any deeper lore behind the Cretas Monarchy? I'm planning on usurping them when I start my own kingdom and just using their units as my own. Seems to me they're just a castle and a village with a paragraph of irrelevant lore covering them.


RidingTime said:
Is there any deeper lore behind the Cretas Monarchy? I'm planning on usurping them when I start my own kingdom and just using their units as my own. Seems to me they're just a castle and a village with a paragraph of irrelevant lore covering them.


These have been up on the wiki for some time now, but since I posted the first couple on here a while ago I figured I would post the rest of the faction coat of arms in this thread.

Coat of arms of the Realm of the Falcon:

This design is pretty self explanatory, with the focus on the heraldic falcon in the center. The simpilcity of the rest of the coat of arms is meant to draw all attention and focus to the bird over anything else.

Coat of arms of Geldar:

The Geldarin coat of arms is exactly the same design as that of Elintor, using the royal Geldarin teal color instead of Elintor's green. This comes from the Geldarin belief that they are the true legitimate elven power in Perisno rather than the traitorous Elintorans.

Coat of arms of Cretas Monarchy:

The Cretasan coat of arms consists of King Aolas' ceremonial crown, a symbol of the ubiquitous influence of the monarchy. The ornate key is representative of the majesty and impregnability of Aolas Castle.

Coat of arms of the Kuu-lan Horde:

The violent focus of the Kuu-lan coat of arms reflect Kuu-lan's sons' pledge to avenge his death.

'Coat of arms' of the Aroulo Ojibwakan:

The Aroulian tribal eagle's significance comes from its status as an apex predator on the islands west of Perisno. In Aroulian culture, eagles are greatly revered and respected.


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It's funny that you posted that message in the lore thread.
Those guys are special party leaders according to the lore, and they're completely and utterly loyal to their factions.
Their original recruitment was only possible because of a stupid oversight in the code.
But the very idea of them willing to join you is just as absurd as asking to make King Torlian or The Dreaded One a possible companion.  :facepalm:
Enough of this nonsense already.


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After reading Elintor Lore I'm still wondering something: Why are all Elintor units male?
I know that the troops of the Princess (Noble Maidens) are female, but they must have started somewhere? With Queen Arwen and the Princess leading the faction, I'm curious why (almost) no other females are allowed to fight in their army.

I'm doing a Hard Mode / Female only run atm and some archers from the Elintor would fit right in.
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