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Now we all know that the Khuzait passive bonus is OP with their troop layout, while Battanian Fian armies are insane in the hands of the player. But what about


(Credit to reddit. u/CnCKilgannon)
Since this is a time-sensitive issue, the poll will only be open until tomorrow.
I don't understand this pseudo-meme but I voted for Legolas. That's a thing I know

I would say Vlandia second best faction because easy cheap Xbow men forever.
It's just obvious that we need more definitive posts on the forums. It's absolute pandemonium out there.

That being said, the preliminary representative results of this study make anything on the topic of "Faction?" crystal clear as a whistle. Now all Taleworlds has to do is analyze the results and come back to us. Soon.

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