Dear TW - communities, mods and players are waiting. Where are community servers?

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Hey TaleWorlds.

First of all, I want to thank you for all the work that you have put into Bannerlord so far. The Mount and Blade series has been a part of my life for many years.

As you are aware, one of the many reasons Mount and Blade Warband has been kept alive for these many years with thousands of players is due to the huge impact community servers have had on retention.

It has now been over a year since the release of Bannerlord and there is no community servers insight for Bannerlord. As one of many who is desperately clinging onto the last breath of the Warband multiplayer scene, I feel so discouraged to see after each dev blog that there is no update or focus on the release of community servers.

I ask for the possibility of more transparency in the development of the community servers. Just a reassuring statement that is still being worked on or, if I am allowed to be a little greedy, a possible release date would be appreciated.

I sincerely believe this focus is something that would boost, not only retention for players but also result in a big influx of new players who are desperately waiting for this update.

I could be mistaken but I remember a dev saying that they will come out close to if not at full release.

Don't hold your breath though as it is possible we will only ever see limited custom mp servers that are not capable of overhauls or tweaks to classes and combat parameters.
@Awenic I don't mean to blackpill, I just want to show you the past facts so that you can draw your own conclusions. Interesting reading indeed.
Just check this (read every page and enjoy the ride)
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