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  1. UsainVanRudisha

    Oceania Servers

    This post is on behalf of the OCE community, and other neglected communities. The purpose of this post is to receive a definitive answer from the devs as to why the OCE region (among others) continues to be neglected; we have no captain mode, no skirmish, and no battle mode. We have no...
  2. SeducingVocals

    Can custom servers be launched with the large patch coming up?

    We need to get these servers up and running. We need them while Bannerlord is fresh. Some of the test servers are very impressive on the EU side with spawn protections and non crashes which is huge. I have seen less crashes on the test servers than the countless ones on the siege and tdm servers...
  3. Awenic

    Dear TW - communities, mods and players are waiting. Where are community servers?

    Hey TaleWorlds. First of all, I want to thank you for all the work that you have put into Bannerlord so far. The Mount and Blade series has been a part of my life for many years. As you are aware, one of the many reasons Mount and Blade Warband has been kept alive for these many years with...
  4. JakobvanBicke

    What is the actual reason we can't get server files?

    Let me start off by saying: I'm well aware this topic has been talked about a lot already and everybody is waiting for the ability to host custom servers. On that note, what I actually want to know is, what's the actual reason we can't get the servers? Where is the problem? Maybe a MP Dev like...
  5. TherKdul

    Everything bad about the game, sort of (Multiplayer only)

    In this thread, I will be discussing every single thing I think is bad about the game, which frankly is a lot at this point. Before doing that I want to introduce myself and explain to you why I feel like I have the right to criticise the game. I have played the previous game for exactly 2674...
  6. Resolved Multiplayer wont load with the new update

    Error code is: Version mismatch, Server Version: e1.0.0 - your version e1.0.10 so the servers version needs changing even though there where no corrections to multiplayer in this update :)
  7. CeyXiong


    We have a clan and we want to more practice these quarantine days. Becouse practice makes perfect. So please get support community servers for bannerlord. Thanks for your interests... :)
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