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Yes, I used mods.


I just bought the game yesterday and installed a plenty of mods to get better game experience.

I had issues in the beginning with it crashing during loading screen and fixed that by locating the corrupted/not working mods

Now I have issues and i get the same error as soon as i start a new campaign. I can start custom battles but as I never started a game or have a save file, i cannot start a new campaign sadly.

This is how my launcher looks like with mods - I have the launcher fix and i dont know if it's working or not, so it solves my mods in correct load order. I manually removed the top 3 on top as it suggested me to do so.

I also get this when i run the game
"couldn't apply harmony due to patching system void"

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I used Vortex, fixed launcher and BUTR launcher and sorted mods, still crashing.

Whenever I try and move MCM and Modlib above Native it crashes during loading screen at game startup.


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Community Support
Please note that we can’t support any modding-related issues. You can find more information about how to remove modifications here and more information about what we think about issues related to modding here.
If you can reproduce the issue in a new, un-modded and verified campaign please let us know!
Thanks for reporting and sorry for any inconvenience!


Uncheck Modlib. That is an old version. You already have the new one selected higher up.

Collision fix is very old and may be unnecessary.

Dismemberment is very old and also has tons of bugs.

Better Autocalc is also no longer needed, these issues effected old versions of Bannerlord.

The features of Diplomacy Reworked have already been added to the game so installing this mod will cause alot of issues.

Party Ai Overhaul and Commands is also outdated. You can use this instead, although I've had some issues with it.

It's very important to read the mod's description and to make sure you are downloading the mod version that is compatible with your game's version. Many mods have not been updated and won't work with newer versions of Bannerlord.

Always make sure that it says in the mod's description that it can be uninstalled without ruining the save game. You don't want to lose your progress if the mod doesn't get updated.

Also, any mods that say that it will improve the balance of the game, like combat or campaign related things, first play without them. Taleworlds constantly pushes updates to fix not just bugs, but also imbalances in the game, so many of these mods are no longer necessary.
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