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Need More Info Crash on Completing Conditions of Storyline Empire Conquest

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Summary: Game immediately froze and crashed upon meeting conditions of Arzagos' questline to reduce the Empire(s) to 4 or fewer settlements.
How to Reproduce: Progress in Arzagos' storyline quest to conquer the Empire(s) down to 4 settlements or less.
Quest/Settlement Name (if related): Main Quest
Media (Screenshots & Video): https://gyazo.com/d40b2931d420eb0d35073f418e66d3c8
Version: e1.0.0
Computer Specs
OS: Windows 10
GPU: NVidia GeForce GTX 1070
CPU: Intel Core i7-7700 @ 3.60GHz, 3600 Mhz, 4 cores
Motherboard: Intel B250
Storage Device (HDD/SSD): 2TB Physical Hard Drive


Community Support
Hello, thanks for reporting this problem. Unfortunately, we were unable to respond to this thread when it was first created. We believe the issue may have been resolved since the creation of this topic. If you are currently experiencing this issue with the latest live or beta versions of the game, please update this thread so we can forward this issue to the team for investigation.
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