Conspiracy Quest (Can we talk about this?)

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I picked up this game in December and have been playing a couple of months now and all has been great except for the Quests, particularly the conspiracy quest, which is down right ruining the entire game for me.

It is infuriatingly annoying, with random quests popping up so frequently and across the entire map from me, making progress down right impossible. Not only does the conspiracy meter decay at a rate so flipping slow that not only would it take my character his entire game life to whittle it down, but it just might also take my entire real life to accomplish this goal as well.

I absolutely hate this quest, it is not fun in the slightest. I am watching years of in game time go by without progress, no matter how many conspiracy quests I complete or conspiracy members I defeat in battle. Its ridiculous.

Please change this quest. It is awful the way it is now and it ruins the game. Please make the conspiracy bar decay more effectively as we complete the quests, and stop spawning conspiracy missions so frequently and across the entire map in regions that have absolutely nothing to do with our kingdom at all, or even neighbors.
The routine is just painfull: Dump 200 troops of your party, horses and goods in the clostest settlement asap. Then ride over half the continent and loose days of ingame action just to do these quests (hideout/caravan assault). Ride back and the moment you are back to your settlement the next one triggers. It's ridiculous.
You need riding perks for campaign map speed (before my patching I only had athletics!)
You need a scout with 275+ scouting.
You need the will to spend 10 of your 20 ingame days just doing this quests.
And they are bugged! Since the questline is mandatory it's utterly game breaking and another one of those "30 hours of gaming for nothing moments"

As always Talewords outsources every second of test gaming to the players. Definitely my first and last early access experience.

Better go for sandbox kingdom.
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Also sry to tell you, if you already started the conspiracy quest, this campaign is basically beyond save.

In the current version, at the end of that quest, some kingdoms will be entering a state where game force them to remain peace with each other. Which simply put means you will lose most of the kingdom-to-kingdom interactions, as war is the only live event in game currently, and so world kinda seems frozen.
Can you fix this quest line please?
1) quest causes sub quests to occur way to frequently, making it very difficult to get into playing the game as you constantly need to stop whatever you're doing to deal with a conspiracy quest.
2) There is no "upside" to this quest. You don't gain any alliances or relationships bonuses with the factions that are opposite the side you choose to weaken (if you are weakening the empire, non-empire kingdoms should be disposed in favor of you and vice versa)
3) the bloody thing just goes on and on and on (perception on my part I suppose due to the first issue I listed)

If you can't reduce the frequency new quests spawn (at least half as often say, maybe even 1/4th as often), can you create an "opt out" option. I would so so so love to not have to deal with this quest anymore. I'm part way up to clan tier 6 and don't want to start over. This quest is becoming my main reason for setting this game aside for a few months (indefinitely?) as each upgrade the kill joy factor of this quest also keeps getting worse.
There is not much you can do at this point. Either ride the storm and survive or wait for TW to expand the quests in future updates.

My advise would be: ignore the main quests the moment you get your siblings. It will expire on its own 10 years after game start.
My advise would be: ignore the main quests the moment you get your siblings. It will expire on its own 10 years after game start.
I concur. No Neretze's Folly = no BS conspiracy quests. Main quest is fubar.

The cool kids might try the main quest, but the smart kids do not.
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