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  1. SP - Battles & Sieges Siege command

    So my friend and I started planning bannerlords about a month ago, love the game but we both have one annoyance when it comes to sieges. Why is it that if you attack a castle or town and then another army comes along to help, you lose command, I understand basic command structure however I also...
  2. In Progress Troops not gaining XP after multi stage battles

    Summary: after a battle if it requires a second stage to finish (ex.a dozen or so enemies routed) all the XP from the first battle is lost and you only gain XP from the units killed in the second battle. This makes leading a large army impossible. Say you take part in a 500v500 fight. you lose...
  3. Halvdan

    Pilum The shield breaker

    Historically these were made with cheap metal. That meant when they punctured a shield they would bend and make a shield useless or when they were thrown and they hit anything they would have a Bent and would not be able to be thrown back at the originating troops hurling them... This would be...
  4. 1.7 Battle Formations Removed Useful Functionality & Freedom: Pls Fix

    Prior to 1.7's battle formation system change, you were able to assign individual tiers of units (or individual companions) to specific groups on the party menu. For me, this was particularly useful for training. I would put low tiers of one or another type (archers, cavalry, infantry, etc) in...
  5. I can't Activate mods after e1.7.2

    All the updated mods I download I doesn't have the possibility to activate them… The mods that worked, just the basic ones like Harmony ButterLIB UIExtenderEx Mod Configuration Menu v4 but no other mods works
  6. Need More Info Native mods being greyed out

    I'm trying to use mods on bannerlord, but it says my mods depends on Native, Or SandboxCore. I've tried unblocking the Dlls and it still doesn't work! All the TW mods are greyed out! i try to load it and it instantly crashes... Depends menu?!
  7. Need More Info Battanian Teleportation bug

    Hello, I Was playing bannerlord as the vlandians, we were at war with the battanians. Everything was going well until I kept being approached by a battanian party out of nowhere. I gave them money so as not to attack me, so I can observe what was happening. The battanian party was teleporting...
  8. Conspiracy Quest (Can we talk about this?)

    I picked up this game in December and have been playing a couple of months now and all has been great except for the Quests, particularly the conspiracy quest, which is down right ruining the entire game for me. It is infuriatingly annoying, with random quests popping up so frequently and...
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