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  1. SP - Quests Conspiracy quests completed by companions

    Please, allow us to send our companions & family members to complete repetitive conspiracy quests. This could be also a good way to level up companions & family members, while at the same time do not force the player to go far away to complete repetitive quests.
  2. BlueMonkey

    Resolved Disappearing conspiracy base of operations

    Summary: This is the second time this has happened. Arzagos gives me the "Conspiracy base of operations discovered" quest. It's over in Kuzait territory and even shows the base location. I'm halfway across the map, but by the time I get there the bandit conspiracy base is gone. There are other...
  3. BlueMonkey

    Need More Info Conspiracy War Party defeated but quest didn't go away

    Summary: Following steps below it's possible to defeat the Conspiracy War Party but the quest remains open. How to Reproduce: One of my clan's armies was fighting bandits, so I joined in. However, the Conspiracy War Party was nearby, so they automatically joined in to help the bandits. After...
  4. MinhTien

    In Progress "Conspiracy Base of Operations" bugged, cannot find the right hideout to complete

    I am supposed to find a hideout near Omor with conspiracy fighters to complete the quest "Conspiracy Base of Operations discovered", but that hideout seemingly doesn't exist. I had tried destroying multiple hideout around Omor, even going to hideouts near other towns in the region, but none...
  5. Resolved Conspiracy Party Battle: Can't take anyone but the commander as prisoners

    Summary: Can't take anyone but the commander as prisoners How to Reproduce: 1. Go down the questline right after hunting down the 3 raider parties 2. Fight and win the conspiracy party battle 3. Can't take anyone else as prisoner Screenshot:
  6. Resolved Kingdom Diplomay - cannot make peace

    Summary: Been using the beta patch in one of my old save, player-created kingdom cannot make peace with another kingdom (just one kingdom atm) after the conspiracy quest where 3 empires declared war on the player, I made peace with both Western and Southern but unable to do so with Northern. The...
  7. vth_Musketeer

    In Progress Crash after defeating Conspiracy Patrol

    Edit: I just realized this was also reported in another post by another player. This is the link to their post. My issue is exactly the same as this person's issue. Summary: I was completing...
  8. BulletTrain

    Resolved Taking Non-Conspiracy prisoners out of the Conspiracy hideout crashes the game

    Summary: Taking any non-conspiracy units (Whether as prisoners or troops) crashes the game How to Reproduce: As described in summary. This was not my experience in previous versions. There was even one conspiracy unit (a Conspiracy Commander) which you could some times take as prisoner. Have you...
  9. Bortatza Glowingsand

    Resolved Ana Görevde Bug

    Oyunda Arzagos'un istediği her şeyi yapıp kendi krallığımı kurduğumda, "Bağımsız bir klan ol" işareti gidiyor ve görevi devam ettiremiyorum.(İki adet şehrim var halihazırda)
  10. Conspiracy Quest (Can we talk about this?)

    I picked up this game in December and have been playing a couple of months now and all has been great except for the Quests, particularly the conspiracy quest, which is down right ruining the entire game for me. It is infuriatingly annoying, with random quests popping up so frequently and...
  11. I need information about this...

    So if I create my own kingdom and choose to rebuild the empire. After the conspiracy quest ends does any faction declare war on me? And more importantly is it possible to make peace with anybody? I'm asking cause when I'm against the empire after the conspiracy quest they declare war on me and...
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