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_Character Creation_

*the age cannot be adjusted in the game, this feature must be added.
*character creation screen is not detailed enough. (weight, and build etc. cannot adjust.)
*Hair types are very few.
*We cannot start according to our culture on the map.
*also the hair color looks dark when character outdoor.
*%50 of the calradia have blue or green eyes...


*The fighting mechanics in the game are quite pleasant and fluent. however, the blood particles falling on the ground make it feel fake. The reason for this is that the amount of blood coming out of the npc and the way the blood down and the proportion of the size and shape of the blood formed on the ground are somewhat uneven.
-and the gushing blood is not realistic enough, the gushing blood is decreasing as it falls to the ground and it feels like the blood is disappearing in the air

*Even if we wore strong armor in the game, the character would lose a little too damage and blood than it should be (the armor should have prevented some bleeding)
-however, for this reason, we cannot feel that we are wearing armor.

*Death animations are fine. however, the character reacts a little fast in damage animations. So animations are very sudden, it has to be slowed down a bit. I know this can disrupt the game's fluency, but it gives a more enjoyable gaming experience.
-Also, new animations can be added.

*Blood fx need to be better. Bloods looks like purple-blue reflections in some day times. Blood should be able to splash against the wall and other objects.
-The flow of blood should be done with a more realistic and uniform particle physics. Its current state is also nice, but sometimes it feels like a cloud of dust and seems to disappear in the air.
-To be more realistic: more gore items should be added. limb breaks, splits. and we should getting burn damage in fire!

*Each ranged weapon should have a different reticle symbol, also what is available does not look nice.


*AI doesn't really feel good. the characters never defend themselves when they trying escape.

*Automatic war can bring quite irregular results, it must be fixed.

*If you enter the crowd in battles, the enemy AI cannot defend themselves as they will try to attack you and they foolishly only try to attack you. And your allies kill them easily. this should be fixed.

*AI is constantly getting confused in sieges. They constantly try to attack in different ways and sometimes they don't listen to your command. Also, sometimes you can't do the defense or attack tactic exactly you want to do in the game.
-Sometimes enemy stops in sieges, because they are stuck and can't attack you. This should be fixed.

*Preparing the siege weapons should take a short while, but AI gets lags, stuck. and the preparation of weapons (catapults, etc.) can take minutes. this should be fixed.

_Dialogs, Quests, Features etc._

*Whenever you try to talk to an npc, it tells you unnecessary and ridiculous short stories at first, (speaks to itself) and makes the world of this game monotone. Besides, there is almost nothing we can talk to npc's. Some additional questions should can be asked. For example:

how is life?
Is there a task you can give me?
what do you think about management?
I'm looking for the location of a Lord.
(love) hello can i know you better

*Even if you are a king, the npc's attitude is the same to you, it's quite annoying. It makes you feel that progressing so much in the game has no effect on you.

*Dialogues are very limited, few in number and inadequate. more options and features should be added.

*New tasks need to added. The game repeats itself. Npc should can give more tasks to we.

*Also, there are various logic errors and irregularities in the game. The npc giving the duty can be on the same mission ... Execution should not result in such a heavy punishment. Marrying should not be so simple as in the game, there is no wedding. A child is born all time, but I don't want kid.

_Diplomacy, politics_

*Declaring a war shouldn't be that hard,

*The economy should be improved, intercity crises and riots should arise.

*More political options and features should be added.

Diplomacy features need to be added:
civil war, epidemics, technology, invent new weapons, invent new armors, detailed diplomacy.


Detailed city management, to be able to physically build structures in the city, wide cities, unique cities, more destructiable builds, objects... fire arrows, etc.

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