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Why should stirrups exist in this game? I think the answer is obvious:
1.Stirrups were widely used during the historical period the game corresponds to.
2. It looks odd not to have stirrups because anyone familiar with riding knows that you actually stand while riding at high speeds.
3. For a horse riding game released in 2020, adding stirrups is not an insurmountable problem.
4. I know many players might not care about such a small item as stirrups, but in reality, it's quite crucial because it relates to the core experience of the game—the immersion of riding. Can you imagine a racing game without a throttle? Exactly, not having a throttle doesn't stop you from pressing the W key to move the car forward, but when players notice the absence of this detail, it definitely ruins the immersion.
5. The development team has already created nice reins but not stirrups, which is a pity.
6. Almost all the cutscene images in the game have stirrups, but the game itself does not, so I believe this important item should indeed exist in the game. Some players speculate that the absence of stirrups in the game is due to clipping issues, but I would say even if there is clipping, it should still be included. Armor is the content most prone to clipping in the game, but can the production team therefore not make armor? I think the answer is obvious. I don't know if the production team will make stirrups in the future, but I must bring it up because the lack of suggestions does not mean the production team can continue to ignore this issue.
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