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Colour determinants for fractions

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Colour determinants for fractions:

Not to be pleasant to me the circle (nimbus) over heads of allied units.
Looks alienly. If them to disconnect that often you confuse
And another's (are dressed almost equally). It isn't too convenient.
I suggest to enter colour on the form and boards for fractions.
Certain determinants/another's, especially on distance.

(dark blue, dark metal, white):
Dark blue tunics, dark metal chain armours with the dark blue elements, full chain armours.
Caps dark blue, helmets from Native.
Shields white, the arms - dark blue.

RODOCs (white, light metal, red):
White quiltes clothes, light metal with white capes, light metal with red cape.
Caps white, helmets of light metal.
Shields white with the red arms.

SWADs (dark skin, brown, dark metal)
Leather tunics, metal хауберт, chain armour with brown cape
Leather caps, dark metal helmets from Native
Shields brown and the dark arms (from натива)

VAEGIRs (green, dark metal, yellow)
Green clothes, dark metal armour with capes, dark metal armour
Caps fur, helmets the dark metal from Native
Shields green with the yellow arms

KHERGITs (light skin, brown, gold)
Light leather cape, fur leather cape, gold armour from Native
Caps light leather, helmet gold
Shields white with the brown arms, gold.
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