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Would it not be straightforward enough ( tech - wise ) for TW to link the "Character Creator" to the PC, family, and companion portraits on your Clan page ?

Just a simple, " nice touch ", mechanism to tweak / customise their appearance to suit your own game eg a new hairstyle for you, a slimmer Svana wife, a better beard for your brother, a prettier Ingrid the Healer, a taller Ula the Swift ......

I'm just an enthusiastic amateur, but if I was an inspired professional game designer / developer ........


It can be funny sometimes. Are you a tall, pale Sturgian man? Well your dad is black as coal and your mom is a ginger, your brother loves the newest fad Khuzait haircut and also he's minimum height (manlets, when will they learn?) and to top it off, your poor sister is bald.
Edit: And your youngest brother is a freak clone of your oldest, almost forgot.


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I would think that link up, to modify any character's appearance, and resave, would not be such difficult, sophisticated, technical work.

I mean, everything is there, already to hand.

Would a dev, or modder, care to comment re this possibly being implemented ( ie in the base game, as opposed to mods ) ?
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