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You think that's bad?  I looked on my Steam account and since I installed Brytenwalda I have played 150 hours of M&B.  That's an entire week in the space of about 6 months.  A whole week playing Brytenwalda with no breaks, no nothing but Brytenwalda...


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I don't think I should tell you this but I probably can put another zero to your number of hours played, I think it was something like 2000 last time I checked. No wonder I recognized the scene.


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Hunta said:

Reminds me this:

Here be Ivar the slave, captured as a young child during a raid on his village. His father was a Norse immigrant and a warrior, he died during the raid. Ivar killed his owner and fled, he recruiting a band of runaway serfs and made them into an army.
Ivar and his band.
Ivar now, he was able to prove his worth to the East Anglian King who recruited his marauding band as skirmisher for his next campaign.

Cadwallon the Bard, bane of Angles and Saxons, the scourge of Hwicce, returns in orderly fashion after several years of self sought exile, after he we was utterly defeated by Mercians and all his lands taken from him, and his companions supposedly executed. After years of living a wanderer's life in Hibernia, he was thought dead, and was all but forgotten. After all, the world does not forget an infamous kingslayer overnight.

Tormented by his unfinished past, he takes up the sword once again, and rallies supporters to his cause. This time with a fancy beard . :razz:
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