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Can mid/end game actually become fun?

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For me the game is entertaining up to the first feifs as vassal. I tend to want to form my own as a goal.
But up to that and some time during feif upbuild the game is great.
But after it´s teadious. I usually start a new game.
It feels like the whole being king part needs a complete rebuild.

Feif voting we all agree is bad all the way.
The hunt for vassals or wanderers to create new vassals is just sad. Vassals should also come and offer to join. Get enough clans until you have dominance. They don´t unite against you. They don´t kill of your vassals (i have never seen the ai execute a lord). Where is the struggle?

But what can make it fun?
Mongol horde as in TW2?
Or as your reach a certain clan number the map expaned with an allied kingdom to Border kingdoms and empire becomes one.
The map does expand far enough south so both Aserai and Battania can get an ally from there.
I think the only real answer is AI interaction between each other and the player, proper friendships, rivalries and other interactions (assassinations, feasts, fights for specific fiefs, workshops, other interactions based on the character traits). All the other solutions are just band aids.

For example introducing deeper diplomacy wouldn't really do a thing, as there simply aren't enough factions for interaction. Some invasions could perhaps give a challenge to the player, however that would require unbalanced troops or bonuses to the AI (as it would be hard to make difficult AI), thus most players wouldn't play with them. Deeper kingdom management is hard to implement. I think after a few years it would become to tedious.

Perhaps a decent band aid is to give each faction set focus trees as seen in Hearts of Iron 4, with multiple paths. However this would reduce the dynamic aspects of the campaign.
Devs are adding Warband features in Beta 1.2, this is good. Once this is done and released, maybe they / modders will look at a deeper end game ?

I would like to see an "Indus" faction invasion, war elephants and chariots etc, i would pay for that DLC. I've seen some Asian possible additions, I'm NOT interested in that, Creative Assembly have done that to death.

Devs are adding Warband features in Beta 1.2, this is good. Once this is done and released, maybe they / modders will look at a deeper end game ?
I never played warband so i have only this to compare to.

I have never done coding. But i have repaired in real life. Sometimes it´s easier to build from scratch then to repair.
All the new bugs that come with new verisons. Isent that a sign?

Feif voting
These are the 3 that pop up as most in dire need of attention. I am sure there are more.
But thats just fixing the version now.

Mods are kinda new to me. So it feels a little dreamy a mod could fix end game. Mostly because we don´t know whats missing or if something insteed should be removed.
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