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Campaign Update: End Turn 1/Turn 2 Begins

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Sergeant Knight

A very quiet January 409 AD, with the Picts being cautious about attacking the well defend Romans. The winter storms still hit Britannia so perhaps the Picts are waiting for winter to be over?

Faction with more provinces: ROMANS and PICTS
Faction with the most money: ROMANS and PICTS
Player with most provinces: ALL PLAYERS
Player with the highest income per turn: BALLISTA and MURTAGH
Player with most roleplay:-

Turn 2 Begins

Northern Britannia is divided into Romans and Picts. Dux Ripae Ballista and his Romans are fighting for their lives, Murtagh and his Picts are fighting for glory and riches.


is there an order from the cesar in rome not to cross the wall of hadrian but only defend the provinces?  :cool:
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