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[BUG] Rotating textures and flashing artifacts (DX7/DX9)

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Since I'm not sure if the other thread in the Guildhall will be noticed by the Devs, I thought I'd best create one in the Beta forum too - for more information on the glitch just check the original thread by cover_your_eyes here.

For a quick overview, this is what the bug looks like in DX9, and it seems to happen randomly, even while speccing:

And sometimes its even worse:

Stuff I noticed:
  • Can appear while spectating too
  • sometimes directional, though in some cases nothing but alt-tabbing (or waiting it out) seems to help
  • removes the symbol that shows which weapon was used to kill somebody
  • slightly changes text colors of kill messages?

I already posted my "personal" version of this bug around the bottom of page 1 on that thread, but after switching to DirectX7, everything looks similar to the first screenshots (flashing artifacts when you look in a specific direction) in the original thread...but while alt-tabbing helped to get rid of the glitch in DirectX9, it doesn't seem to clear the screen in DX7 for me any longer which makes the bug even more annoying.

It also seems to happen with both ATI  and nVidea Graphic cards, and the fact that alt-tabbing helped clearing the bug in DX9 makes it unlikely its merely an issue with overheating. If you have any more information on the bug or more screens, please post it here so we can gather some information on it.

System Specs:
Windows Vista Notebook with 2GB RAM, Core2Duo 2.0Ghz Processor and an nVidia GeForce 8400M G, DX7 (currently) and pretty low graphical settings
The armour is definitely a bug. The other one looks like a graphics card issue. Are the plant shadows turned on? They tend to dislike ATI cards for some reason.


Archonsod said:
The armour is definitely a bug. The other one looks like a graphics card issue. Are the plant shadows turned on? They tend to dislike ATI cards for some reason.

I had plant shadows (and all other shadows) on at the time the screenshots were taken, but I'm using an nVidea graphic card atm. Since switching to DX7 I turned off all shadows to see if it helps but it didn't, unfortunately (although I guess I still need to test it with DX9...as the scale and frequency of the bug are somewhat different in DX7 and DX9, there's a small possibility that there's two separate glitches with different reasons but similar effects)
Nah, it's definitely something related. I've seen it before in native but I'm buggered if I can remember how you fixed it. You haven't got the card set to force anti-aliasing or anything have you?


Nope, I left pretty much everything to being controlled by the current application...I really am at a loss to what could possibly cause it, since I've tried it in vastly different graphic settings but it just keeps occuring... :/


I have the same thing going on. Previously (613) it was usually flickering whitish, as if I was seeing part of my own faction overhead tag. Now it is mostly brownish, and can be rotating strips covering half the screen.

Using DX7 with everything possible set to minimum.
Running 1024x768x32

Nvidia 6600 GT (which I have not updated for a while)
Win XP pro sp3
2G ram


I posted this in the Guildhall as well.  http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,78268.15.html  :smile:

I have also noticed that when zooming in, the anomaly seems to disappear, unless you look directly at its "source".  I am thinking that this has something to do with certain kinds of armour.  I have noticed, that when it occurs, it is especially bad when people are wearing the nord Byrnie.  The anomaly appears to be silver and maroon in colour sometimes, suggesting that it has something to do with this armour.

This glitch appears to be worse with the most recent patch, occurring on average once every three rounds.  I have to quit and rejoin, which does not always get rid of the problem.  :neutral:


The byrnie might actually be the catch, in most matches where it occured I was playing with or against Nords as far as I remember (or rather, as far as my 4 screenshots can tell, didn't take a screenshot after every occurance of the bug but it's a pretty strong indicator). I've had it happen in a match against Khergits while watching a Khergit Horse Rider though (you can see it on the first screenshot, but there were Nords involved in that match as well).

But the hint with certain armors causing it is the most solid one yet...gotta test it more.


Noticed that the bug also happened in a Khergit vs. Vaegir match on Castle 2, so it's not related to the byrnie after all. *sigh* Back to square one...


It has not dissappeared, but has become rather rare in 621; since I have updated graphics drivers and changed the game's resolution to match the desktop.


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i know this will sound somewhat ridiculous but have any of you rolled back drivers to factory shipped ones?  Sometimes graphic glitches are only due to graphic drivers, the kind listed here specifically. I had similar problems in other games, and rolling my drivers back always solved the issue. I only encountered something like this in M&B once, but never again. I have had the same issue in other games, with an nvidia 6200, and my current 7600. *dont laugh*.

Anyway specifically on nvidia cards, they say if its not broken dont fix it, basically if you dont encounter any issues, there is little reason to update the drivers *apparently* So rolling the drivers back to factory settings just might solve this graphic issue.

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I'm getting flashes and sometimes permanent shapes like this. It seems random but then I never bothered with discovering the source. I'm running on a GeForce 7300LE with updated drivers, and the game is set to directX 7.

Also, at times, the water, a kind of horse, a tree, grass or even the sky is replaced by shiny squares, or what appears to be an equipment texture.


The last two patches have made the whole thing much worse - even the custom banners over heads of people start going crazy now, and sometimes I get the flickering textures in 15-30 second intervals...makes the game almost unplayable sometimes  :???:

Made many more screenshots - some are amusing, but my main hope is that they might help someone figure out what exactly the problem might be :razz:











ANYTHING that refreshes the screen seems to clear it (mapchange, alt-tab, sometimes zooming). Used to alt-tab out, nowadays I just switch the game to windowed mode and asap back to fullscreen again.

By now I'm pretty sure overheating of the GFX-card isn't the reason (since I doubt alt-tabbing out cools down the graphic card the least bit, because I've had it happen even when I just started playing, and I've been playing more demanding games than Warband without problems)
Graphic card is up-to-date too, and it also happened when it wasn't up to date as well (so rerolling older driver versions won't help either I'm afraid)

Any dev/modder who might have a clue why this seems to happen? Happens to users with different brands and types of graphic cards, so I think it is probably at least partially a problem with models in the game. Any help would be appreciated!

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I get the wierd artifacts still as well.  Lately though they have been more of the spikes coming away from someone all the way up to the sky.  Although every now and then I get wearing an eyepatch as well.
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