Bring back warband's weight to running speed mechanics

Revert to weight based running speed of Warband?

  • yes, Warband was logical and running speed should be based purely on weight

    Votes: 8 88.9%
  • no, Bannerlord can have different running speeds for classes without considering weight or equipment

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I am frustrated about different running speeds between the different factions.
(rabble: speed 81 armor 6 recruit: speed 83 armor 10 )
what is the logic behind the speed to armor mechanic? why are some classes just faster then others with no relation to armor or equipment load?

I do not like that i cannot play a light and fast character with khuzait even though the rabble class have nearly no armor or equipment their speed is still a slow 81

the reason warband was great was bc you could customize your character to be as fast as you want,

now i am bound by what classes taleworlds have already made for me in their predetermined classes

i would love to play as khuzait with no armor and their sword and be the fastest speed available (currently 84)
but that isn't possible with their new class system,

i know this have been discussed alot so forgive me,

but please at least allow a player to have the maximum running speed with at least one class in every faction(even if its a perk and not free equipment selection) it is really important in infantry fights to be fast.

thank you for reading
tbh I like this, would make speed balanced and to make sure those that are light able to run while those that are heavy not able to chase as quickly. Basically makes this "realistic combat" game more realistic.
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