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Hi everyone, it's my first post. I've bought Bannerlord a few days ago, my friend shown me this game.

After a few days i have my thoughts. First the idea behind this game is splendid. There are some bugs or missing oportunities but i think it may be only due to early access.

I have one idea when it comes to combat system. Overall directional block and attack system is simple yet clever. But there is one very unbalanced think (maybe early access thing also): spears and thrusting attack.

When IRL spear thrust would be by far the most difficult to block - in the game (version 1.0.9) it is by far the easiest to block, because when i.e. axe has 3 plains - left, right and overhead, sword has 4 with additional thrust, but spear has only 2 :smile:

I've noticed there is "timed block" and "constant block" mechanics already implemented to the game, when timed block stuns opponent slightly and gives a bt more time for counterattack.

I think spear thrust should be possible to block only with tmed block, not with constant holding.
If IRL someone attack you with i.e. sabre from left or right you can theoretically hold the block proper side constantly and have a good chance to stop it. But not thrust.
Thrust can be parried only with timed response.

If thrust could be blocked only with timed block it would make spears vaiable in hand to hand combat and it would be both: realistic and balanced. With my friend i was able to block spear thrusts constantly a minute or two without big problem, but against sword i was overhelmed quickly, when irl i could block a few swings of sword but spear thrusts, no way, for that i would need to be very skilled.
I'm new so i would like to hear oppinions of others.
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hi, irl, i guess, when you successfully thrust with spear or sword somebody with no armor then it should be one hit, one kill, so it would be too op
spear need to break eventually when blocking some steel
spear need to stick in body so it consume you some time to pull it
would it be still funny to play if this will be implemented? don't know, but want to check by myself
this is impossible to implement properly irl mechanics(wich is too far from 4 direction attack) with mouse and keyboard in mind, so i think m&b mechanic is nice for this limitation

i think constant block with spears is ok, because you can actually fight with more than one oponent at time
i don't play in mordhau, but what i hear is, because of only timed block option there it almost no chance agains two players

and in m&b there is 3 types of damage: blunt > pierce > swing, so besides swords 3 possible swing attack directions it is not as effective as spear thrust against more armored oponents

in warband spears have 4 attacks, 2 blunt side with overhead too blunt, and it is very spam friendly, because every hit can stun, it is realy good against infantry, but against cavalry it is hard to thrust at times when things happen too quickly without shield

in NW, the muskets have the same 2 direction attack as bannerlord, and people have fun with it
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