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  1. Nordwolf

    Need More Info Netcode/rotation lerping overcompensates rotation resulting in hits not being blocked

    When doing quick movements, blocks often fail even when a block is held. This occurs to me quite regularly on skirmish and sometimes in duels. The problem seems to be with netcode overcompensating rotation which renders the character as more rotated on the server than they really are. This...
  2. Domoo

    Resolved Horses, blocks and sound lag.

    Hello, today I'm making a post considering three bugs that happen quite often. The horse one might not be a bug but it should be looked into. Warband was better in that regard since if you charged into friendly troops as a horse with friendly fire off, you'd get stopped, you couldn't push your...
  3. Domoo

    Need More Info Getting hit through blocks and hits not registering (stabs and overheads)

    For most of today I've been getting hit through block at 40 ping in the duel server. I'd block once, twice and then the third time apparently it would take me longer to swap block than it would the enemy to swing at me. Only happens on the duel server, hasn't happened on normal...
  4. pmotapereira

    Resolved Auto-blocking not working properly.

    You can't keep your shield raised to defend against projectiles (or even if you are facing a very agressive or numerous enemy and you want the shield to be up for some time). Otherwise it works fine, you still need to get the timing right, even with the shield, thanks for adding this feature.
  5. Block suggestion.

    Give us the option to block like in Warband. Timed blocks face the attack direction. Some of us dont want to deal with this sudo For Honor block system. Just give us the option in the settings menu to switch between Warband Timed blocks or Bannerlord block system.
  6. Ruskor

    Block System Must Be Fixed

    Hello dear developers, im already played 1000+ matches and want to say you about block system. when you fix blocks delay? Or you dont gonna fix this? if not, just know, its horrible, when you think to block in last moment you get a hit.
  7. AndiNaga

    allowing active change blocking direction while holding down Block.

    i know there is already mods that do this, one with more than 66,000 downloads, but i would like this functionality added to the base game. even as just an option in the menu, be able to change the direction of my block while holding down block has increased my enjoyment of Bannorlord. edit-...
  8. AndiNaga

    changing block when holding block

    been having a lot of fun, but it seems one of the problems im having is with combat, mostly when it comes to blocking, as the attacks come out very quickly often its hard to block and most battles i find my self in is a swing fest with swing speed ruling over all, i feel having the ability to...
  9. Laryakan

    Need More Info Main quest blocking: Can't create Kingdom, saying I'm not independent [e1.1.0beta]

    Summary: Main quest blocking: Can't create Kingdom, saying I'm not independent How to Reproduce: Fullfil all requirements and see that quest consider you're not independent Quest/Settlement Name (if related): Manurath (?) Media (Screenshots & Video): Version: e1.1.0beta Computer Specs: OS...
  10. Flavius-Belisarius

    Blocking thrusts with constantly holding block

    Hi everyone, it's my first post. I've bought Bannerlord a few days ago, my friend shown me this game. After a few days i have my thoughts. First the idea behind this game is splendid. There are some bugs or missing oportunities but i think it may be only due to early access. I have one idea...
  11. Inverse Mouse Movement for block direction -- please.

    There are inverse mouse movements for attacks, but not for blocking. Why? :xf-cry: My brain just can't work without it. For me, attacking with a normal mouse movement is very confusing, so I use the inverse mouse movement for my attacks. The reasoning: the movement starts from the left if...
  12. Noudelle

    Blocking thrusts with side blocks

    In Bannerlord, thrusts can be blocked by side blocks in rare occasions. Here is a video of Vic and I testing this mechanic. How it works: In Bannerlord there is a mechanic called "Active blocking", which occurs when an attack is blocked just at the moment when it's about to land. What this...
  13. LordKay

    Deflect Arrows Perk Alternative

    The choice of perks at the end of the 2handed tree seems awfully unbalanced. -Two handed Mastery: gives +0.2% speed/+0.5% damage per point in 2handed after 200 -Deflect Arrows: gives a chance of deflecting arrows. Two handed mastery will ensure you keep getting stronger (independent of gear)...

  15. Menthus

    SP Native AutoBlocker

    You can now download AutoBlocker! Once the mod is downloaded/installed, be sure to enabled it under the mods section of the game launcher! It should work from there. DOWNLOAD HERE This mod allows you to choose your style of blocking! BlockStyles: Constant - Holding the block button...
  16. Are there plans to add Autoblock to SP?

    Are there plans to add Autoblock to SP? I've found blocking to be incredibly finicky, the time between the wind up animation and the attack make it very difficult to react in time. Combat without a shield just feels incredibly frustrating. This is a real deal breaker for me since it...
  17. Godtickles

    Is anyone interested in creating balancing mods?

    Would some people be interested in creating some mods to balance out the game in the meantime until Taleworlds finally does? These are my opinions on what needs to be balanced and you are welcome to add your own / debate mine as they are all open to discussion 1) Kingdoms are too aggressive...

    Dear developers, the game turned out great, but why did you remove the automatic block and the direction of the blow relative to the enemy, playing at Warband at 8 years old is not very nice to adapt to the new game process, if you returned the automatic block and the attack against the enemy...
  19. Block Logic Options

    At the moment you move the mouse to the left then press block. But I would like to press block and then move the mouse, and the block direction changes accordingly. Even if it was just for singleplayer.
  20. Blocking

    I dunno if I'm just bad or what but it doesn't seem that I'm able to block most hits unless I have a shield. Not to mention I really don't like the directional blocking, it's wonky and usually doesn't go the way I direct.
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