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Bello Civili: Egypt [v.2]

This version of the installer is completely up to date and requires no patching, download this version!

Link 1)

Link 2)

New version notes

New features

Added an entire new faction: Ptolemaic Egyptian faction.
Added fire javelins to some units.
Added Praetorian guard unit to Romans.
Added many new Greek helmets, made by Admiral!
Improved the look of Roman auxiliaries.
Added many new maps.
Tons of new props like Pyramids, Palms and more!
Added plebs to Romans.
Added navy captains to Roman marines.
First player legions added.


Reduced agility on all units to reduce "dancing" style combat and encourage formations.
Added weights to armor.
Matched officer speed with that of rankers.
Reduced damage of all bows.
Extremely slight buff to fire arrows to make them at least worth using.
Nerfed kopis damage.
Rescaled commander battle troop numbers, weaker units now get more troops.
Rebalanced Assassins, now the assassin is weak, but his weapon is strong, and it cannot be picked up if dropped, and has a penalty with a shield.
Reduced chance of spear bouncing when stabbing.


1) Download the setup file

    1a) If you have played Bello Civili before, make sure you deleted your old "Bello Civili" folder, located in your Mount&Blade Warband/Module folder
    1b) run the setup file!

2) Choose your correct Mount&Blade Warband/Module folder. The correct install path would be [...]Mount&Blade Warband/Module/Bello Civili

3) Enjoy the mod!

If you want to play the new version, please join the official server, which runs the updated version!

Official Server

SERVER FILES (For server hoster)

Server Files PUBLIC:

Server rules:
Using the server files and hosting a server, you will accept the rules of the development team.
While hosts can employ their own rule sets, we advise not banning special units as they are rewards to loyal regiments or the developers hard work and will not be abused in game.



• Fight as one of the two combatants - the Populares (Caesar) or the Optimates (Pompey)!
• Many differences between factions while remaining balanced!

Class system

• Bello Civili will use the NW class system. Each unit class will represent a different cohort within a legion.
• Take the First Cohort, with subclasses like Milites, Optio, Eagle Signifer or Centurio... or join the auxiliary wing as a Gallic Infantry man or Skirmisher.
• Other classes like siege engineers, legionary command staff or mercenaries are available too!


• A large amount of high-quality, accurate uniforms for each side!
• A large variety of in-game banners for each side!


• A wide array of ancient weapons!
• Fight with gladius, pilum, bows, spears and more!
• Use siege machines like catapults or the scorpion to destroy the enemy troops!

Map environment and atmosphere

• Roman buildings and envirement will help to get you into ancient times !
• Temples, insulaes, theatres and more will provide some roman looking surrounding.
• Voice commands and yells will be roman based. Officers will shout their orders in latin!
• Use the cornicus to play various orders!













Gothic Knight - Classical Italian/Roman items
Jaakko - Roman Era Buildings
Llew - Mount&Gladius v2.0
Alphadelta - Ancient Warrior Pack
Rgcotl - Roman stuff
Vympel - For various roman stuff
Imperium Romanum Team - Armor, shields and weapons
Dion/Folcwar and IL_Scippio - for support






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TomW426 said:
Awww, Not the stuff we've all seen in Imperium Romanum and the Rome OSPs :sad:

Yes we are using mostly OSPs for the items, and why not, they're excellently made. However this mod will be different from all the other roman mods in many ways. It will have

- working Roman artillery
- Latin war cries and commands
- Roman cornu (horn) players
- Movable boats
- Units are sorted into cohorts with ranks
- Animated slingers
- Aquilas and standards giving bonuses

All of this is made possible by it being a mod for Napoleonic wars, which is perfectly suited for a Roman mod.

Scuba Steve

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Good luck Hinkel and team. With your work on North and South, and Wilhelm's Blood and Iron, I have confidence you guys will make this quite an awesome mod.


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Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe gladiators were used by Caesar and Pompey during the Civil War, will these be represented?
I don't have any sources to hand about this, but a few posts on various forums when I tried to find out about this said it was done, but only in desperate situations.

Lithuanian duke

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Great! Yesterday I just re-watched HBO's TV series ROME about Caesar fighting Pompey and now found this! :shock: Amazing! Good luck to you guys! :grin:


Hazzardevil said:
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe gladiators were used by Caesar and Pompey during the Civil War, will these be represented?
I don't have any sources to hand about this, but a few posts on various forums when I tried to find out about this said it was done, but only in desperate situations.

We don't have plans for gladiators, but we are looking into adding some allied units other than Gallic auxiliaries. These allied units would be unique to each faction.


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Showing some of the new animations the mod uses, which are potentially still WIP

The idle animation, which is a defensive pose, the shield will block projectiles but not melee

The new thrusting animation, this is holding it before releasing.

And this is the furthest reach of the thrust
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