Battle Encampment Mod - Need programmers

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Hey, I'm a scener looking for programmers to help make a battle encampment module

The general idea
When a battle is initiated the parties will turn into encampments on the campaign map (excluding looter and bandit battles) and the menu will appear.
The aggressor chooses the time of battle for the next day (early morning, morning, midday, afternoon, late afternoon)

The menu UI will include something like this
- You can wait (fast forward) to the battle start. Note friendlies or foe can join the encampment during this time
- You can prepare your battle formation.
- You can observe the battle grounds, allowing you to ride around the battlefield to get an idea for the terrain.
- Speak with opposing leaders
- Visit the encampment and talk to your troops, play board games, go to the the planning tent and prepare formations from there.
- From menu or from the same tent you can chose what you're to wear during the battle, along with weapons you wish to use.

I will make some scenes and show examples of my BL scene work in this thread!

Thanks for reading.
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