(Bannerlord Elite) Team Recruitment or Mod Request (Larger mod)

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Hi all
This is basicly me wanting to form a team, or giving these ideas further to someone else that can actually achieve these goals.
So, Bannerlord has alot of potential in modding, yet its increadibly unnececary hard to mod. You have to have extra utilities for everything. And if its not one huge overhaul mod for another fantasy realm, then there are 100 different small mods, which 70% are outdated.

Therefore I want to form a team (I alone do not have all the required skills to make all this happen) , that can make 1 "Bannerlord Elite" mod, that pretty much incorperate all of these small mods into itself. (The fast & easy answer)
Bannerlord Elite's aim is to focus on Realistic, Vanilla recognizeable but deeper, If it requires extra utilities - it should be built into the mod, if possible. Utilizing the games potential (long answer)
If this sounds interesting to you, and we have 2-4 modders that are used to this game (I mod many other games, but not this... yet) I imagine this mod would be pretty fast finished. Then give me a PM or even easier, just answer here :smile:
Below is the "short" end goals. (trying to figure out how to post pictures in meantime)

Bannerlord Elite
Aimed towards a better game experience - utilizing the games potential.
Focuses: Realistic, Vanilla recognizeable but deeper, If it requires extra utilities - it should be built into the mod.
FocusesFeature NameDescriptionSources
Improving Family generatedFather, Mother & Siblings - height etc.
Endgame ThreatSpawn a few large armies at endgame?
LordsGoal: Lords, Houses and Companions should be more unique
Proper Succession Rules
Noble TitlesEmperor Lucon, Princess Ira, King Gerthert, Duke Lol, Count Haha etc.
Unique Faction LeadersUnique Leaders
Heraldry of CalradiaDistinguishes all Banner Houses to be more distinct
Unique CharactersWomenWomenWomenBetter NPC
More Unique Characters
Interesting CompanionsLinkLink
Usefull CompanionsLink
Companion OverhaulAlso need to imrove armor for higher lvsLink
Houses of CalradiaUpdated modLink
Marry/Join FamiliesMarry into other FamiliesLink
Other NPCBannerlords NPC's are awful looking. We should fix this
Beautiful PeopleImprove all NPC's facial features (Better Grafhic)Badass Lords
Clans / FamiliesShould actually use mechanics and overview must be better (Integrated with Enclopedia fix?)
Family TreeViews the Enclopedia families more organized
Extended FamilyLink
Arrange Marriage for Familiy
Coat of Arms
MapsAll things that are viewed on the Campaign Map
Fast DialogueMakes interactions on map faster and smootherFast Dialogue
Achievement UnblockerPossible to get achievements with modsAchievements
More LootersMore looters on the MapLooters
Bandits OpinionGets relation raise with lords when killing banditsKill Bandits
Garrison Do Something
Improved Garrisons
Culture MattersGet loyalty bonus if culture is the sameCulture Matters
Patrol Parties
Patrolling your Empire
Stops weird defections from Lords
Kingdom DestructionDeletes a Kingdom if its destroyed
UIAimed at improving the UI
Party Screen EnhancementsImproves and adds QoL additionsParty Screen
Encyclopedia ExtenderAdds more information like equipments - Turn on/offEncyclopedia Extender
Encyclopedia Friends & EnemiesCould add more distinction. Kingdom, House
Dead Clans DeactivateGreys out dead clans like dead persons
Color on UI/UX IconsLink
Improved TooltipsShows if equipment is better or worse betterLink
Vassal TitlesShows if a Baron, Doukas, King etc.Link
HotkeysAdd more Hotkeys, but do not destroy immersionLink
Find EverywhereEasier to search for everything - CTRL+FLink
Settlement IconsLink
Custom BannersMake each house feel unique, but stay close to van.Link
More Main Menu BackgroundsLink
Arena in CitiesPossible to see other tournaments in other citiesLInk
Culturally immersive namesImprove the City,Castle etc. names to make more senseLink
BattlesDeeper and better Overall Battlesystem - kinda.
OrdersOrders given are repeated by the generalsImmersive Sergeant
Auto Battle FormationMore dynamic formations in battlesBattle Formation
Battle Buddies
Better Looting
Real Combat Sounds
Gain Friendship when battling together
Guards that follow you into towns etc.
Higher Armour LvArmor has in general to little effect
Higher Wages for Units
Overhead ShieldwallOverhead Shieldwall
Larger HorsesLink
More Battle mapsLink
TroopsShould stay close to Vanilla, but extend/improve it. Be Realistic (too much colours and gold)
Empire OverhaulImperialImperial
Sturgians OverhaulSturgianOverhaul
Aserai OverhaulAseraiOverhaul
Khagans OverhaulOverhaul
Vlandian OverhaulOverhaul Visual
Sword SistersFemale TroopsLink
Elite TroopsExpanded Elite Troops
Shield & LootersLink
ManhuntersManhunters that hunts down criminalsLink
Caravan Guards upgradesLink
Militia UpgradesLink
TradeTrade QoL in general
Alert on High Selling Price
Faction Armouries
GraphicsImprove the overall Campaign Map graphics
Ultra Realistic GraphicsImrproves the graphicsLink v2Ultra
The Great PalaceConstantine
QuestsFocuses on QoL to Quests
Track Noble PositionsLink
Sending Companions to QuestsMake it clearer and easier to see if it fits req,Link
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