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I've seen many complaints about banner customization and a severe lack of good looking Vlandian armors. So, why don't we combine two ideas, two birds with one stone if you will.

A layering system and shield starter would be nice. You start out with a shield pattern, like a stripe down the middle or cross. You could then add up to two layers of objects, animals, etc. This would create a lot better variety of banners, helping satisfy those who want more patterns. Another thing I'd like to mention really quick, is you should be able to give your new vassals a selected banner, so they aren't walking around as "The Deer Clan" with a picture of a bear.

If you guys improved the banner customization, you could implement another feature to go with your clan that would involve intricate tabard designs. You could have another step in the banner process, which would be creating your tabard pattern. It would involve fleur-de-lys, geometric shapes, and perhaps simple animals. You could divide the tabard into multiple sections to provide more customizability.
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