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  1. DarkLordOfBread

    Custom Banners Suggestion.

    Since in the first release of the game, whenever you go to the banner insignia customization menu.. The colors and the amount of stuff you can do with the symbol feels really limited, though there maybe a good reason of why they're not added which I am admittedly ignorant of. -Add a color...
  2. Piconi

    SP Other Historical Banner Icons

    NEXUS STEAM A simple yet an effective mod, it currently adds 441 historically inspired symbols and around 50 colors to the banner editor. Banner icons...
  3. wizcas

    In Progress General Custom colors can be selected from disabled mods and will corrupt game saves

    Summary: The banner_icons.xml files from disabled mods are still read by the BannerManager. It'll cause: - Empty slots are shown in the Banner Editor - Custom colors from those XMLs are shown in the color list and can be applied - If players select custom colors from a disabled mod and save...
  4. Need More Info Bugs encountered so far in beta v1.1.0

    Summary: Bugs How to Reproduce: Have you used cheats and if so which: No Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): for some bugs ingame screenshots in steam account Computer Specs: OS: Win10 GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M GPU Driver Version: 528.24 (24/01/23) CPU: intel core i7-6700HQ...
  5. Banner creation mod for 1.8.0

    Hi i am new to game, but i wonder how can i customize my own flag? any suggestions?
  6. xucan

    Resolved General Added banner colors do not work if added ColorIds are not consecutive/sequential

    Summary: When following the steps outlined here for adding new banner colors, there's no mention of any requirements on the new colorIds other than that they must be unique. However, there is a problem when the ColorId of a new color does not immediately follow the last existing ColorId. For...
  7. IsakMDMA

    Will "bannerpasting" come back?

    I was just wondering if custom banners are coming back since it was a really nice way to customize and also personalize your kingdom, and they've been gone from 1.3.0 I think. So will they be coming back or not? Thanks :)
  8. Resolved Game crashes when trying to use to colour palette swap button

    Summary: After I left a kingdom (western empire), while keeping all holdings, my banner colours did not return to the state how they were before I joined the kingdom. Before I created my own kingdom I went into the banner editor and while editing i clicked the swap colour palettes button and the...
  9. BANNERlord, the banner experience and importance!

    Hi everyone, Played this game the first month of early access and just came back to see the improvments recently, I am not disappointed. This game is a jewel. The only thing that annoyes me is the "Banner experience", for me one of the best thing was to put a lot of effort and time to design...
  10. Norvell9

    We Need Banner Paste !

    When will TW resume the banner paste function? This is obviously an excellent feature. By the way, starting from 1.56, the primary color and Secondary color of the banner code are reversed.(If you don't know,it's a bug)
  11. Need More Info reporting some visual bugs..

    1. in character creation when doing aserai beduin the clothes that showed on your perents are bugged at few spots 2. seems like banner insignia are off center on many shields and also in manue where theres a banner of a clan its bit off center.. 3.theres some typo in the clan discription "is...
  12. I created a Roman Fort for Bannerlord

  13. Lukar

    Add more colors for the Banner Editor and let us have custom colors for our kingdom!

    Add more colors for Sigil and background! And let us change the background color after creating an kingdom! So that the character, troops and vassals have custom colors like the colors from the banner editor! That would give an better feeling to own a kingdom to have an uniformly army with all...
  14. DawnPatroleum

    Resolved Unable to change clan banner to different color background

    Summary: After leaving the Aserai faction to form my own kingdom, my banner stayed the same, but when I edit the banner colors, it does not give me an option to change the background anymore. It is still the Aserai colors. How to Reproduce: This happened after leaving the Aserai kingdom and...
  15. Drakehinst

    [WIP] Banner Editor Mod - Importing Banner From Image

    Hi everyone, Based on the work from Bizzfarts (Banner Creator Web Tool and BannerPaste mod), I've been working on creating an image import mod (for those unfamiliar with the BannerPaste mod, it enables you to copy and paste your banner's code in the in-game banner editor screen). My mod parses...
  16. Resolved Can't paste custom banner in 1.3

    I just downloaded the beta branch of 1.3. I created a character and wanted to paste the code of the banner in the banner creation screen. This doesn't work anymore i switched to the main branch and found out it does work on 1.2 but not on the the new beta branch 1.3. To clarify the stepts i...
  17. Tugay

    İtem Editleme Sorunuma Yardım

    Noble boş yayını eşitlemek istiyorum ama yapamadım yardım edecek birisi varsa şimdiden bana ulaşsın teşekkürler.
  18. SpicyRamenFire

    Custom Banners

    You can change your banner by pressing B on the campaign map, or by clicking the banner in the top left of the Clan screen. Note that pasting with Ctrl+V will crash your game if you paste something that isn't a valid banner code. Custom C.O.V.I.D. Banner Code...
  19. Resolved Banner Editor Crash

    Pasting (CTRL + V) anything other than RGB color codes in banner editor, for example, a string or a number causes the game to crash. Suggestion: For unexpected value types entry you can change the banner to a default one.
  20. Resolved Banner Editor Not Giving An Option To Change Background Color

    So when I first started the game, I had my banner background black and the sigil color gold. I ended up joining the Khuzait as a vassal and my banner changed to match their colors. But after completing the Dragon banner questline, I decided to form a non-emperial kingdom. To do this, I had to...
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