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Meevar the Mighty

Sergeant Knight at Arms
Dont expect to place, but I should be able to show up.

Name: MeevarTheMighty
Time Played : Few thousand hours


I have aged since
Weapon: Sword


name: KoS_Dimos
screenshot: Pedo-Bear
length of play: around 3477-hours-Acording to my Count record With Clock
weapon: Nordic sword


Sergeant at Arms
Name: Son_of_Apollo
Character screen shot: I don't have one.
Game time: About 100 hours.. And about 20 of that on single and 40 on mods.
Weapon: any one handed should work.
Oh, don't give me **** but I've played. Bit of F&S, 300 hours :lol:

totally expect to lose, but, I'll never know if I don't try)
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Master Knight
why the hell not  :grin:

Name: Wanderer

Screenshot: <<<<<<

game time: since beta, you'd think id be better  :grin: 1500 hours or so

Weapon preference: nordic sword plz


Name: Dojo_Doomicus
Weapon: Sarranid sword
Hours: 841 on steam + a fair bit before that, no idea.

Great tribute to UDC. This should be good! :smile: Good luck to all.

I better get practicing.


I was just kicked from the server three times in a row during my duels with N_Word_Ex and promptly banned for no apparent reason.  :neutral:


Sergeant at Arms
Well done Doom. You defeated me 4-13... Which, sadly is a GOOD result for me.... :grin:

Have good luck with your ping and the rest of your fights.


KevinRudd said:
I was just kicked from the server three times in a row during my duels with N_Word_Ex and promptly banned for no apparent reason.  :neutral:

Really sucked that you kept getting kicked  :???:

You should of moved on to the next round easily, felt crappy that I got a buy in to 2nd round. Only to get myself handed to me by Dimos  :oops:

Why'd I have to verse good people :razz:
Winner of 1 handed Duel Tournament,


Congratulations for the win!

2ND Place- Goris
3RD Place- HoG_Adorius_Fannington
4th Place- Cheeky_Demon

Players worth a commendation- PeWPew, Legion_Zero, Dimos



Got into the 3rd round by default, won it, then rippet by Goris' abs in the semifinals. Yet I still got 3rd!

Gondor was really sending me guidance from the heavens, bless thee, Lord!
Duel Tournament II
Saturday Night 7Th April 7.30-9.30pm

2-Handed Swords only- Swadian Bastard, Swadian Heavy Bastard Sword, Swadian Two handed sword and Rhodock War Cleaver. No Great swords allowed.
Leather Gloves and Leather boots.

Prerequisite to this tournament is that you must register on the forums before the Saturday, 31st of March.

Same as before-
Give Name:
Screenshot of player:
Length of play:
Weapon preference:

Tournament will be finalized by the 05.04.2012

Tournament Rules

•  Matches will be first to thirteen.
•  Swadian Heavy Bastard Sword, Swadian Two handed sword, Rhodock War Cleaver
•  Armour will be the standard duelling garb + leather gloves + leatherboots of no more than 16 amour, which will ensure that everyone has a comparative armour value. If players wear non-standard gear they will be disqualified.

Now accepting new contestants


The map for the tournament was good. Now that we've had one, things should move smoother initially too which will be good. Congrats to the winner.

I shall register for the next one :smile:

Name: Doomicus
Length of play: ~900ish steamhours
Weapon: Heavy Bastard Sword

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