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Currently, clan members are faceless extras without their own opinion, and their relationship with the main character does not affect anything, because when the clan is lured away, the clan leader decides for everyone. There is no point in establishing a relationship with each AI lord individually. Would like improvements in interaction with clans and their ordinary members:
- when joining the player of the entire clan by the decision of its leader, if individual clan members have very bad relations with the main character, these lords remain in the current kingdom, moving to another clan or forming a new one;
- the ability to poach individual clan members based on personal relationships (the clan leader always moves with the clan);
- if there are close relatives, the lords pass along with them - the spouse and/or minor children (brothers and sisters, parents, adult children are not among them), while the decision to join is made by the head of the family;
- ordinary clan members who have transferred to the main hero form a new clan or join the player's clan (depending on the level, strength of the AI clans and the main character).
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