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Hello there,
After clicking hundreds of times the +10 button on the army cohesion menu, and after several times when my army disbanded, because I forgot to do just that, I thought that if the army upkeep was a flat reduction, taken from your influence stash each day, it would ease my pains. I don't know if that has been mentioned before, but I had to say it. I would rather have an infuence upkeep (the bigger the army, the bigger the upkeep), which would constantly drain my influence reserve (similar to money and food), instead of a depleting "100% cohesion" bar, which constantly needs refuelling. If I want to stop the drain, I just disband the army.
I hope that you take my words for a constructive feedback, and not for a negative whining, because I Love this game! Honestly, Taleworlds, you have done your best! We are eager to see this masterpiece all fleshed out, and we are willing to wait and give you a chance to create it further and further!
A big Thank you, from a big fan!

Kind Regards and Happy Holidays!
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