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Are Dynamic Combat Skills a Thing?

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I was thinking from another thread that monitored Bot behaviour in combat about whether or Bot's combat skills are effected in a real world way depending on whats going on around them at any given time. Im not sure its possible in this engine but for instance I wrote a small script for Arma3 that would dynamically temporarily lower a group or unit's skills when things like Ambush, or unexpected enemy Tank, APC or Air showed up especially if the AI men are poorly led by a low skilled leader. Both games by default seem to only have a Flee mechanism which really isnt that interesting as its an all or nothing On/Off switch and the men running never fight back, re-organize at a better spot or do anything remotely interesting.

What im talking about is what you're experience in say a game like Total War when an unseen Cav attacks from a Blind spot - the surprised units defense takes a skill hit as does the attacker take a charge/flank/surprise bump -now those are all just dice rolls so you dont actually SEE it in real time such as a badly timed swing or a rider doing some fancy move -its just all implied.

In this game this one of the reasons it just feels like robots with no fear or any real reaction as if a Cav charge at first fails, the low level looters or whatever just calmly counterattack amidst the horde of heavily armed horseman with shocking proficiency. Now had a dynamic qualifier that temporarily lowered many of their attack and defend skills -to better represent them as "shaken" -i think you could have alot more interesting battles play out.
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